Lab Essentials

Lab Essentials Range

As scientists, you are always looking to get the best out of your work. Successful research is reliant on a core range of everyday laboratory consumables manufactured to the highest quality. Lack of the correct product can compromise both the scientists’ time and also their valuable work. At DWK Life Sciences, we understand what you need. As a leading manufacturer of laboratory glassware and plasticware we have an extensive range of everyday products to support your work, ensuring you get the best results every time.

Beakers and Flasks

Beakers and flasks are multipurpose laboratory items that have become a fundamental requirement for a wide range of user needs. They can be used as containers for a chemical reaction, the heating of liquids and solids for everyday liquid handling and an array of other applications. Available in both glass and plastic, DWK offers an extensive selection of beakers and flasks manufactured to the highest quality that comply with all relevant national and international standards. With such a large choice of products available from DWK, we are confident that we can supply the right product for your needs. Key products are detailed below, but to see our full range of beakers and flasks please click here.

Laboratory Bottles

Laboratory bottles are standard equipment in all laboratories. They are chemically resistant, sealable containers used for many applications including: storing and dispensing liquids, transport and storage of solids and powders, frozen storage, media sterilization, preparation of reagents, solutions, and buffers, growing and culturing. DWK offers a wide variety of narrow and wide mouth laboratory bottles made of glass and plastic. Type I borosilicate glass can withstand harsher chemical and thermal conditions. Type III soda lime offers some chemical resistance and is used for powders, buffers, or low-heat applications. For plastic bottles it is important to select the right type of plastic material depending on the application and thermal requirements. Clear plastic and glass bottles provide maximum transparency, amber bottles protect light-sensitive products. You should find the perfect laboratory bottle to match your requirements. Key products are detailed below, but to see our full range of bottles please click here.


Tubes are important products and have a wide variety of uses in the laboratory. In chemistry applications they are used to mix, heat and hold chemicals. Biologists use them to culture and handle biological samples, as well as separate compounds via centrifugation. DWK offers tubes in a range of shapes, sizes and materials to suit the wide range of applications for which they are used. To see our full range of Tubes, please click here.


Precision and accuracy are fundamental elements for reliable and repeatable analytical results. DWK Life Sciences offers a comprehensive portfolio of volumetric glassware. Each accuracy class A or B glass instrument meets or exceeds the most stringent ASTM and ISO regulations, as well as the required tolerances. Serialised and certified versions offer full traceability through a unique serial number. To see our full range of volumetric glassware, please click here.


Laboratory funnels have been designed to channel liquids or powders into vessels with a narrow opening. DWK offers a range of product manufactured in a choice of either glass or plastic. While the classic design of a funnel may appear simple, we understand the complexities and demands of your work and offer a range of funnel designs and materials to suit a variety of specialized applications. So, whether you need a funnel for extraction, separation, addition, filtration, or for basic liquid or powder transfer, you can find a high-quality option that’s right for your application. Key products are detailed below, but to see our full range of beakers and flasks please click here.

Vessels and Containers

From desiccators to Petri dishes, tanks to specimen jars, DWK Life Sciences range of vessels and containers is as varied as the applications they support. These items are manufactured from a range of materials such as low-extractable borosilicate glass which minimises the potential of leachables to plastic which offers robust alternatives where the use of glass may not be permitted. Key products are detailed below, but to see our full range of vessels and containers please click here.