Graduated Cylinders

Achieve reliable liquid measurements with DWK’s graduated cylinders, available in over 125 configurations of 19 design types and 15 volumetric capacities. Ideal for a range of applications, including petroleum testing, soil testing, education, and general mixing and measuring, our graduated cylinders are made of the highest quality materials.

  • Rely on our graduated cylinders, designated as either “TD” (to deliver) or “TC” (to contain), for accurate measurement.
  • Maximize flexibility with the KIMBLE® ValueWare® dual-scale graduated cylinders, which conveniently enable ascending or descending liquid volume measurements.
  • Enhance lab safety with the DURAN® SUPER DUTY measuring cylinder, featuring reinforced rims for increased durability, reduced breakage risk, and a longer lifespan.
  • Protect your graduated cylinders from hard impacts with KIMBLE® plastic bumper rings.
  • Choose the KIMBLE® graduated cylinders with KimCote® safety coating to reduce the hazards of shattered glass.

Our graduated cylinders come in a range of options, including:

  • Batch certified
  • Class A serialized and certified
  • Class B
  • Double scale
  • Educational grade
  • KimCote® safety coating
  • Low-form versions
  • Pour spout
  • Reverse graduations
  • SAFE-GARD® bumper
  • Single metric scale
  • Starter pack
  • Ungraduated
  • Volumes from 2 to 2,000 mL

Mixing graduated cylinders

For diluting solutions and mixing different components in a specific ratio, we recommend the DURAN® mixing graduated cylinders. They are available in two accuracy classes – Class A with main points ring graduation and Class B with line graduation. For additional differentiation and flexibility, we also offer mixing cylinders with accuracy Class A blue graduation and Class B mixing cylinders with white graduation.

Assuring quality

Volume content tolerances for measuring and mixing cylinders comply with DIN and ISO accuracy limits, ensuring precise concentration measurement and mixing. Class A batch certificates document a particular batch's mean value, standard deviation, and issue date. You can easily access these batch certificates online for your convenience. The batch number consists of four digits. The first two numbers specify the production year, while the following numbers specify the batch number (e.g., 18.01).

Graduated Cylinders

Frequently Asked Questions

A graduated (also known as measuring) cylinder is used to measure the precise volume of a liquid.

Graduated cylinders have a series of evenly spaced lines or rings on the side of each cylinder to indicate the volume of a liquid with a meniscus at that mark. Volume can be measured in milliliters (mL), cubic centimeters (cm3), or other volume units.

You should read the volume of liquid in a graduated cylinder by placing the cylinder on a flat surface and at eye level, allowing you to look straight across at the liquid to avoid errors due to parallax. Finally, read the volume from the bottom of the meniscus, the curved surface formed at the top of the liquid.