Beakers and Flasks

At DWK Life Sciences, we apply just as much focus and quality control to labware fundamentals as we do to product innovation. When it comes to lab beakers and flasks — essential tools for any wet chemistry laboratory — that dedication results in a wide variety of options. For example, our lab flask line includes the economic and ergonomic KIMAX® narrow mouth Erlenmeyer flask as well as the specialized Dewar flask. Our lab beaker selection is also thoughtfully structured to meet varying needs, offering both low form, Griffin and well-known glass varieties like tall form Berzelius, BEAKERplus™, and LABMUG®. While all lab flasks and beakers include helpful features like easy-to-read scale and large labeling, some go the extra mile. DURAN® beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks include a retrace code and our DURAN® economical, long-lived super duty products maximize lab safety.

Lab Basics that Deliver an Advantage

DWK Life Sciences offers a wide selection of beakers designed to meet the rigorous needs of today’s laboratory. KIMAX® low-form Griffin glass beakers offer excellent mechanical strength and durability while providing high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. The DURAN® super duty beakers feature a reinforced rim that delivers a higher mechanical strength. As a result of this modification, the impact strength is improved, and the risk of accidental breakage is significantly reduced. The DURAN® heavy-wall (filtering) beaker has, due to the increased wall thickness, better mechanical properties than the standard beaker. Tapered polypropylene beakers allow ease of handling and are autoclavable with good chemical resistance. For lab applications that require a variety of temperature-controlled reactions, including titrations, enzyme digestions, and synthetic organic reactions, the DWK jacketed reaction beakers will be your first choice.

When you need a laboratory boiling flask, choose from the DWK Life Sciences’ broad portfolio, comprised of a variety of options to meet your specific needs, including round, flat, or pear-shaped bottoms with either short, narrow, wide neck, or with standard taper outer joint. All are manufactured from borosilicate glass and include the uniform wall thickness distribution that makes them perfect for heating applications. The round bottom flask is designed with a beaded rim to provide added strength. To protect light-sensitive solutions, KIMAX® boiling flask uses a RAY-SORB® process to deliver an amber glass. Additional features — including a short neck and flat bottom with a full length 24/40 joint — enable those working with light-sensitive samples to maintain less than 1% transmission below 400 nm and approximately 5% transmission from 400-600 nm. If your needs center on distillations, we suggest the DURAN® Engler distilling flask with standard ground joint 19/26 with side outlet.

When concerns about breakage and durability are high, we recommend KIMAX® and DURAN® super duty Erlenmeyer flasks with their reinforced rim and higher mechanical strength. This feature provides improved impact strength and reduces the risk of accidental breakage. The These multi-purpose Erlenmeyer flasks are autoclavable to provide the long-term use today’s labs need. Erlenmeyer laboratory flasks are available with a wide mouth or narrow mouth up to 5000 mL. When ready-to-use sterile flasks are needed, the WHEATON® Erlenmeyer flasks — manufactured with virgin, optically clear, non-leaching resin — are the choice that best retains clarity after gamma irradiation. The flasks are certified pyrogen-, DNase- and RNase-free and are packaged particulate free and wrapped in an easy-tear, sterile bag.

CELLine™ bioreactor flasks are specially designed to enhance small scale bio-production for
antibody and protein generation. These cost-efficient laboratory flasks are space-saving and
stackable. Disposable and ready-to-use, they reduce operation time and require no additional
equipment for operation. Incubation flasks are used for metabolic studies of biological
materials. These versatile flasks are also suitable for in vitro incubations, insulin bio-assays, persulfate oxidations, and the “distillation” of any volatile acid or base. Erlenmeyer shake flasks are well-suited for all suspension cell cultures, including baculovirus, microbial, and algae cultures. As a further innovation, these flasks are manufactured with virgin, optically clear, non-leaching Lexan resin that retains clarity after gamma irradiation.

Borosilicate glass filtering flasks are manufactured to ensure superior thermal shock resistance and physical strength. To provide you with a selection of safe filtering flasks and reduce the risk of possible injury from breakage, the vacuum hose sidearm attachment is available with a detachable, autoclavable, quick release, plastic sidearm, connector. ULTRA-WARE® filter flask with KIMCOTE® provides safety from the hazards of shattered glass and leakage of toxic or corrosive chemicals.

Filtering flasks are vacuum-tight due to their special geometry and high wall thickness. DURAN® filtering flask with a glass hose connection is available in a conical or bottle form, up to 20,000 mL.