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Visual Inspection Systems


100% camera inspected for dimensional and cosmetic purity

DWK manufactures vials meeting the highest quality standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. Under cGMP and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) controls, every tubular glass vial undergoes 100% visual camera inspection. Assuring the delivering of tubular glass vials that are dimensionally accurate and free of physical and cosmetic defects.

Using a high speed manufacturing process, clear and amber tubular glass vials are produced in a wide range of capacities, shapes, and finishes. As part of the inline process, each vial passes through inspection points to assure in process control and the quality of the finished product.

Our dimensional inspection method overcomes challenges inherent with human inspection methods including threaded finish, radii and angle accuracy that can impact closure integrity. Cosmetic inspection assures vials are free from visual blemishes that can negatively impact vial use for lyophilized and parenteral applications.


  • 100% Camera Inspection Visual inspection systems assure delivery of the highest dimensional and cosmetic quality.
  • Inner Dimensional Inspection Delivers vials having uniform fill capacity and container weight.
  • Outer Dimension Inspection Enables consistent high speed capping performance and uniform container weight.
  • Cosmetic Inspection Assures high visual quality and blemish free surfaces.
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) An essential sampling method used in quality control to ensure production outputs meets established quality thresholds.
  • Capability Index (CPK) Statistical measure of process capability demonstrating the ability of a process to produce output within specification limits.