Serological Pipettes

Rely on DWK for quality, reliable serological pipettes. We offer a diverse range of KIMBLE® and WHEATON® serological pipettes, manufactured in a choice of glass or plastic, for all your laboratory needs.

  • Serological pipettes are available both non-sterile and sterile.
  • Choice of standard and shorter length for maximum versatility.
  • We supply both 51 expansion borosilicate glass and plastic serological pipettes.
  • Disposable and reusable pipettes are available, depending on your needs.
  • Plugged pipettes reduce contamination and protect your pipette fillers.

Serological Pipettes FAQs

Serological Pipettes

Frequently Asked Questions

A serological pipette is a long graduated tube used for the accurate transferring of liquids of more than 1ml and up to 50ml.

TC or TD is abbreviated for "to contain" and "to deliver," respectively.

In a 'TC' marked pipette, the contained quantity of the liquid corresponds to the capacity printed on the pipette. Double rings on the upper end of the pipette indicate that the pipette is a "blow out" type pipette where all liquid contained in the pipette should be expelled.

In a 'TD' marked pipette, the delivered quantity of liquid corresponds to the capacity printed on the pipette. There are no double rings and the contents of the pipette should be allowed to drain out. The drainage holdback error (i.e., the amount of liquid required to wet the inner surface of the pipette and the remaining liquid left at the tip of the pipette after it has been used) has been taken into account during calibration.

Serological pipettes are used for accurately measuring and transferring liquids between 1ml and 50ml in volume.

For easy measurement of volumes between 1ml and 50 ml, serological pipettes measure in mililitres. Depending on the size, many pipettes also have graduated measurement marks at 0.1ml or 0.2ml intervals for measuring more precise volumes.