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Glass Bottle Molding


Molded-glass packaging matched perfectly for Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and parenteral applications

Molded glass bottles have a long history of safe use as the primary packaging for high-value products, especially pharmaceuticals. The unique combination of excellent barrier properties, chemical durability and transparency has made molded glass the reference material for a range of packaging and production applications.

Using ISO accredited production, DWK Life Science molded glass bottles and containers are manufactured from high-purity ingredients. Using state-of-the-art Individual Section (IS) forming, annealing, and quality inspection, DWK consistently delivers bottles having excellent dimensional tolerance, chemical resistance, and cosmetic appearance.

DWK can meet your custom bottle and container design and secondary packaging requirements. With over 7 decades of molded glass bottle manufacturing experience, our team of consultative experts work with your packaging engineers to tailor a design for your specific application.

Advantages of Glass Bottle Molding

  • Manufacturer Control Complete control of the product from raw material sourcing, production, through supply assuring product consistency.
  • Protective Superior chemical resistance crucial for safeguarding high-purity contents.
  • FlexibilityMolded processes offer greater design flexibility and customization inclusive of dimensions, finish, and protective coatings.
  • TraceabilityIdentification provides lot traceability from production to end user delivery, and through daily usage.
  • QualityUsing DWKs Quality Management Systems (QMS), automated manufacturing is performed under total process control, assuring delivery of consistent product quality.
  • DurabilityMolded glass products are known for having high mechanical resistance reducing the risk of breakage.