Lab Equipment

Labs vary in their scope, their size, and their equipment needs. What suits a teaching or research lab may not be necessary for a production environment. Understanding the variety of needs, we’ve assembled a comprehensive range of lab equipment, including glass and, plastic pieces — all designed to support that diversity. Whether you need to stir, roll, pump liquids, scrub a gas stream or precisely dispense liquids - we offer the critical components you need to complete your projects. And, because we’ve listened and learned about the economic pressures you face, our replacement parts and accessories enable you to replace components while also encouraging interchangeability for self-made, creative solutions. From roller racks to incubators, stirrers to vacuum pumps, we’ve got your general lab equipment needs covered. And of course, where applicable, our lab equipment meets the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Lab Essentials You Can Trust

DWK Life Sciences offers complete laboratory connector solutions ranging from simple glassware joining clamps to innovative bottle connection systems for culturing, reacting, growing, or separating. Whether you’re building a basic or extensive glassware lattice, you’ll find everything you need to confidently and securely support your glassware for years of dependable service — rods, lattice connectors, prong and chain clamps, joiners and other assembly hardware. We also offer polyacetal standard taper joint clamps and spherical joint clamps in eight colors for visual arrangement, classification, or workflow grouping organization.

Our airless glass connector choices include serial, special purpose, and kit form and are complemented by our HI-VAC® straight valves which deliver reliable and secure gas or vacuum control. Tubing connectors, replaceable hose barbs for glassware, and innovative cap systems for bottles — such as the autoclavable DURAN® Stainless Steel 2, 3 or 4-Port GL 45 connector caps — provide critical performance with bottle sizes ranging from 100 to 20000 mL. GLS 80 versions are also available.

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At DWK Life Sciences, we understand that filtration, a core and critical function in laboratories, require robust, functional yet safe laboratory equipment to get the job done efficiently with minimal waste or loss. Innovative and standard solutions, plus interchangeable parts, replacement parts, and user-configurable connection options make our portfolio your single source for lab filtration needs. From ultrafine to coarse filtration, our crucibles, funnels, microfiltration, mobile phase filtration systems, and our airless filtration offerings are used daily in labs worldwide.

Our ULTRA-WARE® Microfiltration Assemblies are available in both fritted 10-160 micron porosities and non-fritted versions. To support your work, they will both withstand corrosive liquids while offering fast, secure, and easy removal of particulates from HPLC solvents. Our microfiltration assemblies, available in 25, 47 and 90 mm diameters, are the ideal solution for filtration needs from milliliters to liters. Units feature standard ground joint, GL-45 bottle and Erlenmeyer adapters, as well as multiple reservoir sizes. In addition, to suit particular needs, custom solutions or component modifications are available upon request through our Custom Glass Shop services. PTFE-faced or stainless steel supports limited sample contact with any non-glass components during filtration. DURAN® Glass Filtration apparatus is available in 1000 and 2000 mL sizes and includes a graduated filter head or reservoir and clamp. Extension body has GL 14 hose stem with 45/40 ground joint to mate with filter flask. All glass is made with borosilicate glass for purity, safety, and durability. All of these components are autoclavable.

ULTRA-WARE® HPLC reservoirs are designed for the preparation, storage, and delivery of liquid chromatography mobile phases and feature conical bottoms for more efficient use and delivery of solvents. Additionally, the conical bottom design supports safer lab equipment operations since the reservoirs do not require ‘tilting’ atop the instrumentation. Design options allow real-time filtering of the mobile phase to eliminate the hand-pouring of solvents into filter funnels. We’ve also included options for graduations and a full range of reservoir sizes from 250 mL to 20000 mLs. To reduce the hazards of shattered glass and leakage of toxic or corrosive chemicals, KIMCOTE® Safety Coating is also available. All of these components are autoclavable.

Our SPE manifolds improve solvent utilization to optimize methods. Their innovative design offers a safe lab equipment experience and provides more uniform results in less time than traditional gravity-style SPE methods. Our complete line of ULTRA-WARE® SPE vacuum-style manifolds in one, three, or six-station versions, feature interchangeable parts, heavy-duty stainless steel base with integrated handles, PTFE valves for flow control, and a vacuum hose barb connection. Also available are glass microfiltration funnels as well as multiple reservoir capacities options from 250 mL to 30 L to give you the flexibility to operate different reservoir sizes on the three or six-position manifolds. Another convenient feature is the robustly made ground-glass joint which allows secure manifold coupling while still removing easily for cleaning or reconfiguration.

KIMBLE® KIMAX® filtration bells are useful for filtrate recovery with crucibles, beakers, or for other lab purposes. KIMBLE® KIMAX® KIMFLOW® fritted disc crucibles in low-form and high-form Gooch designs, are ideal for applications where filtrate would attack paper filters and membranes. We also offer DURAN® crucibles in 50-4000 mL sizes with porosities ranging from 1-5. Our DURAN® filter crucibles offered in 8-50 mL sizes are made with borosilicate glass for durability and purity. KIMAX® Filtration Domes recommended for EPA-style sample digestions prior to atomic absorption spectroscopy, speed work up to three times faster than gravity methods for increased sample throughput.

KIMBLE® and DURAN® filtration funnels, such as Buchner and Hirsch designs, handle volumes from 2 to 3000 mLs and feature 24/40 hose connections to standard lab equipment, stems, or ground joint versions with 4-60 micron porosity. The DURAN® analytical funnel is our recommendation for quick filtration. Its long stems — 65 80 and 100 mm diameters —accommodate filter papers from 70-185 mm in diameter.

KIMBLE® KIMAX® KIMFLOW® airless portfolio optimizes lab equipment and connections needed for gas handling including gas storage glassware, gas washing bottle assemblies such as Schlenk-style, and airless gas bubblers with HI-VAC® valves. AIRLESS-WARE® Straus Flask in 500 and 1000 mL size is designed for solvent gas storage as required during many inorganic reactions. Kimble® HI-VAC® valve ensures solvent integrity and gas access.

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We offer an extensive portfolio of stirring options. WHEATON® laboratory magnetic stirrers are available in single and four-place models and are designed for cell culture and general lab needs for mixing. KIMBLE® magnetic stir bars or stirring rods may be placed in flasks, beakers, jars or bottles to suit various mixing needs. WHEATON® Magna-Flex® and Celstir® culture flasks are ideally matched to operate with our magnetic stirrers. The Magna-Flex® increases stirring efficiency and provides a gentle, even circulation throughout the flask while keeping the beads in suspension. Microstir® laboratory magnetic stirrers offer smooth ramping and low heat dissipating units and are well-suited for use in an incubator or sensitive culture where speeds may be as slow as 5-200 RPMs. For difficult to dissolve materials, or for general lab mixing use, we suggest the Biostir® magnetic stirrers from 150-1200 RPM. Both magnetic stirrers are programmable and feature a two-year warranty. The WHEATON® 120 VAC overhead stirrer, designed to be wall or bench mounted, can be used with tissue grinders or mixing impellers and operates at speeds from 300-5000 RPM. The adjustable connector accepts stainless steel shafts up to 0.3125 inches diameter (7.9 mm). Lab equipment safety is reinforced as this unit is designed to be affixed to a wall, stand or cabinets to safely hold the motor unit as recommended in the included instructions.

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For cell culture research, pilot studies, or commercial production, our roller racks, and incubators provide the reliability and flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s dynamic labs. Standard and customized solutions help you optimize your purchase and subsequent operations to reduce complexities while meeting project or production goals.

WHEATON® lab equipment incubators are perfect for cell cultivation or temperature-dependent studies across multiple industry segments including pharma, biotech, agriculture, environmental, food and beverage, forensics, R&D and academic research. Currently, we offer these incubators in two styles, standard and CO 2. The large viewing window, small footprint, and built-in lab equipment safety features, make this a perfect choice for most laboratory and small batch production centers. Temperature and CO 2 monitoring and alarms, as well as data logging via USB port and power receptacles, improve workflow and provide peace of mind. Custom options such as reverse single/dual glass or solid doors, reinforced shelves, internal tank switcher, caster with leveling system chart recorders, and keyed-door provide the options needed to various user requirements. For your convenience, we offer models for either 100, 120 or 230 VAC with country-specific plug styles. Our standard incubators offer 40 cubic feet and are made with reinforced floors to accommodate the roll-in WHEATON® R2P ™ 2.0 roller apparatus and standard roller units.

We’ve designed our line of robust, high-quality roller racks squarely on the lab equipment needs of those working with vaccines and biologics. Our WHEATON® R2P ™ 2.0 roller apparatus
meets even the highest expectations for adherent cell cultivation. They come ready to use right out of the box with multiple decking and capacity configurations to meet changing project or production needs and roll effortlessly inside incubators. The intuitive digital touch screens, available either top-mounted or bottom-mounted, provide easy-to-read data icons for quick visual monitoring of parameter changes on-the-fly. Our roller racks operate from either 110V or 220V line power and feature adjustable RPMs for optimal cell culture results. The built-in system alarm for belt breaks helps guard against extended downtime, while the optional battery backup and USB downloadable data offer the security of knowing your cells are in good hands. Our handy ordering matrix offers customers sixteen popular pre-configured rack systems for modular spacing needs or production use. Additionally, four standard roller rack configurations are offered plus many additional options to suit the varied needs of lab-scale or production environments. Custom configurations are, of course, welcome as well. With our remote capable feature (through SCADA systems), you can monitor your cells from anywhere.

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DWK Life Sciences offers vacuum pumps and manifolds for all types of method-based application needs including heating, stirring, and solvent stripping without impairing ease of liquid and solid transfer. This laboratory equipment is commonly used for batch processing, filtration or experimental research uses. Our well-known and trusted brands, including ULTRA-WARE® , AIRLESS-WARE® , and KIMFLOW ®, are found in labs worldwide. The rugged and dependable ULTRA-WARE® vacuum pump delivers 60 psi or up to 35.5 inches Hg pressure through standard 3/8” brass hose barbs on both the inlet and outlet. Its durable diaphragm offers a quiet, reliable vacuum/pressure which is highly resistant to corrosion and quite long-lasting. The compact pump’s suction feet help to prevent ‘walk’ during operation while also providing additional vibration isolation. Filtration and SPE manifolds are designed to work with either vacuum pumps or house vacuums in single, three, and six-station designs of all-stainless steel construction that provide years of worry-free corrosion resistance. Our manifolds feature replaceable PTFE valves and convenient integrated handles for the safe movement of laboratory equipment. SPE manifolds are offered in complete assemblies in both 47 and 90 mm sizes with a full complement of replacement parts to add functionality.

DWK Life Sciences offers a wide variety of vacuum and filtration manifolds from o-ring style connectors to dispensing and threaded microscale manifolds. Single and double HI-VAC gas/vacuum valve manifolds feature grease-free valves and o-rings to provide years of reliable operation. Manifolds with metering valves, ground glass or PTFE valves, single and double connection outlets, slanted outlets and isolation caps allow users to configure setups with ease and flexibility. Specialty manifolds with vacuum chambers, AIRLESS-WARE® pressure relief valves, vacuum Schlenk tubes, and solvent transfer manifolds feature heavy-wall borosilicate glass for strength and purity. Three- and six-place threaded all-glass vacuum manifolds can be connected to a variety of bottles, tubes, glassware assemblies, or chambers. NMR sealing manifolds seal directly to NMR tubes and feature all-glass hose barb with connection caps and o-rings.

WHEATON® peristaltic pumps, available in OminSpense® ELITE and UniSpense® PRO, are highly versatile displacement pumps with programmable designs perfect for any type of lab use where fluid flow path or materials control is highly critical, or where trouble-free calibration is desired. Both products feature an icon-driven user interface for intuitive ease-of-use and a large polarized backlit LCD display for glare-free operation. The low-profile and space-saving design make the OmniSpense Elite® products ideal for bench or hood applications. The OmniSpense Elite® supports bi-directional, dual liquid transfer from 0.5 up to 400 rpm using both standard and micro tubing sizes and offers the additional benefits of drawback (auto-reverse post-transfer), ramping (avoid splash and foaming), and programmable speed settings. Our UniSpense® PRO precision dispensing applications are recommended for multi-well and microcentrifuge tube dispensing or anywhere accurate and precise dispensing is important. The icon-driven interface simplifies lab equipment setup and operation and the rugged designs are resistant to chemicals and wear. Both pump types feature a compact design with large 5” LCD backlit display and, for your convenience, are programmable in six languages that direct ultra-high precision stepper motors to compress 2, 3, 6, or 8 mm tubing. Single and stacking pump heads allows simultaneous delivery or higher volumes. A wide variety of manifolds, nozzles, and tubing make these pumps among the most versatile and advanced offered for laboratory use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our WHEATON® roller apparatus provides a flexible system for the cultivation of anchorage-dependent, adherent cells that propagate as a monolayer attached to the cell culture vessel. The cells are cultivated in glass or plastic roller bottles that revolve slowly to provide the cells with a medium.

The WHEATON® Standard Roller unit includes a digital (LCD) display control unit. The R2P™ 2.0 Roller Apparatus unit features an advanced color touch screen with remote
communications and comprehensive alarm functions. The convenient touch screens offer a more resilient, user-friendly, and cleanable user interface.

The innovative design of the production roller maximizes space. Specifically, the spacing
between production roller decks is shorter than the spacing on the modular roller — 152 mm / 6” vs. 181 mm / 7.125” — to accommodate more bottles within a limited space. Roller units featuring removable decks (see below for additional information) make it easy to increase your bottle count by adding decks as they are required. These units come with the same spacing as the modular roller.

The maximum number of decks for both the production and modular spaced units is 11. Be advised, however, that the rollers being used with the WHEATON® Incubator, the maximum number of decks that will fit is nine for the modular spaced units. The WHEATON® Incubators have a maximum height of 76.5” and adding more than nine decks for the modular spaced units will exceed this height limitation.

Additional Deck Kits can easily be added to both Standard and R2P™ 2.0 Roller Apparatus units with a removable deck configuration. However, it is not possible to add decks to roller units with fixed decks. Please refer to the deck kit installation manual for instructions on adding additional decks.

Top-mounted control units can be advantageous in laboratories where the power supply is provided from the ceiling or in facilities where the roller units are controlled via remote control. Furthermore, top-mounted control units facilitate easier cleaning of the roller unit. Bottom mounted control units support operation by hand and are ideal for floor-mounted connections. Please consider that roller units with top and bottom-mounted control units differ in total height even if they are equipped with the same number of decks.

Every WHEATON® roller apparatus accepts bottles from 108 to 121mm in diameter and up to 550mm in length.

Yes, bottle diameter is very important, since diameter and length determine the surface area on which cells can grow. The larger the bottle, the greater the inner surface area. Diameter also affects the speed range. For a given roller apparatus speed, larger diameter bottles will rotate more slowly than smaller diameter bottles.

All you need is a stopwatch and a good eye. Select a bottle with the diameter you want and attach a paper or cardboard indicator (in the shape of a pointed arrow) on the bottle cap. Place the bottle so the cap (and paper) extend beyond the front rail of the roller apparatus. Now carefully measure the time it takes for 1 revolution. (If the speed is high, time several revolutions and use the average). Divide the time it took to make 1 revolution (in seconds) by 60 to get the rpm.

Example: If it takes 45 seconds for 1 bottle revolution, 45/60 = 0.75 rpm

This is the speed range most commonly used in cell-culture applications. We offer different speed ranges available for those with special requirements. While we have had more and more inquiries about high-speed rollers and rolling heavy and/or large bottles, these inquiries are primarily for mixing, not cell culture applications. In our experience, these use cases often require stainless steel bearings to stand-up to the extreme heat due to the speed and weight load. Both the bearings and necessary modifications to roller spacing for special size bottles are custom orders that will add considerable cost.

The WHEATON® Standard and R2P 2.0 Roller Units can be operated in a speed range from 0.25 to 8.1rpm (based on a 110mm diameter bottle). Both units have an accuracy of 0.01rpm.

Yes, a Battery Back-Up Function is available for all of our roller units. It protects cells during transport, process and power outages. The unit automatically and seamlessly switches over to battery power when needed. A Belt Break Alarm Function is available for our standard rollers and included with the R2P™ 2.0. The belt break alarm employs two magnetic sensors to ensure all pulleys are rotating on the unit. A Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Function is available for WHEATON® R2P™ 2.0 Roller Apparatus units, only. This function includes two precision temperature probes for real-time temperature monitoring and deviation alarms. The temperature is displayed in the temperature calibration screen or on the screen saver for quick confirmation of optimal operating conditions.

The back-up battery lasts for 12-24 hours depending on the number of decks in the apparatus. If you prefer, bottom-mounted control systems house larger, longer-lasting batteries.

Yes, the WHEATON® R2P™ 2.0 Roller Apparatus units can be integrated with SCADA
systems via Ethernet TCP/IP and RS422/485. Additionally, a System Event Log can be
downloaded via USB. The System Event Log captures all inputs, errors, and setting changes in a text file.

The CART2 Control Monitor and Recording Software can be used for remote control and
monitoring of up to 255 WHEATON® R2P 2.0 Roller Units. This convenient system records all settings, changes, alarms, and communication loss. It can be added at any time and conforms to UL, CSA, and CE Laboratory Standards.

Our five position roller apparatus footprint is 31” x 25” (78.74 cm x 63.5 cm), while our eight position roller apparatus footprint is 47” x 25” (119.38 cm x 63.5 cm).

Yes, both the WHEATON® Standard Roller and WHEATON® R2P™ 2.0 Roller Apparatus units that feature five placement areas per deck and a maximum of nine decks in total, accommodate most standard-sized incubators, including ours. Roller units with eight placement areas per deck, however, do not fit into standard-sized incubators and are usually used in temperature-controlled large-scale production facilities.

No. The use of vaporized disinfectants damages the electronics and is not authorized under the warranty.

The roller apparatus is easily cleaned. Simply wipe it down with a cloth dampened with alcohol or a common cleaner. Use of aggressive cleaners, such as chlorine (Cl2) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), will reduce the lifespan of the unit.

All WHEATON® roller units are tested and certified to UL-3101, CSA and CE requirements.

We use an EPDM rubber instead of silicone. EPDM has excellent abrasion resistance when compared to silicone while maintaining excellent heat resistance properties.

We will be happy to provide phone support around the operation of the roller unit, however, we do not supply application support.

All Standard and R2P™ 2.0 Roller Apparatus units come with a limited two-year warranty from the date of shipment. This warranty is limited to, at our discretion, repair or replacement of any defective part(s) which fails during the warranty period. For full warranty information please contact DWK Life Sciences technical support at 1.856.825.1100.

Currently, we are only offering phone support. But, if your control units can be removed, they can be shipped to WHEATON® for service.