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Pipette Forming


DWK Life Sciences is an established glass pipette manufacturer to the Diagnostics, Healthcare, Homeopathy and Personal Care sectors across the globe

Utilizing DWK’s extensive manufacturing and development capabilities, our flexible product offering includes standard and custom pipettes.

Glass dropper pipettes are an excellent primary packaging dispensing solution for many applications. Manufactured using ISO accredited production, the pipettes are formed from glass tubing, with different pipette tip options. Glass pipettes, when assembled with a bulb and cap form controlled drop size dispensing solutions for direct application by consumers or patients.

Diagnostic applications include blood grouping reagents and rare antisera, when used alongside our standard tubular clear glass dropper bottles. Eye drops dispensing is performed with dropper assemblies in the healthcare sector. Amber tubular glass dropper bottles and dropper pipettes are ideal for dispensing light sensitive flower remedies and essential oil in the homeopathic sector. Serums, lotions and cosmetics to name a few can be dispensed by dropper assemblies in the personal care market.

Our project team can design custom pipettes and dropper assemblies to fit your choice of tubular glass dropper bottle or container.

Partnering with DWK you are assured of outstanding quality and service for all your primary packaging needs.

Advantages of Pipette Forming

  • Manufacturer DWK has complete control of the whole dropper pipette and dropper assembly manufacturing process, from cutting the tubular cane to forming glass pipettes, and finally assembling with bulbs and caps for dispensing solutions.
  • Flexibility Customers can choose standard or custom pipettes selecting glass type, pipette length, tubing diameter and pipette tip type to suit their dispensing application and bottle.
  • One Source DispensingDWK manufactures tubular glass dropper bottles to be used along our dropper assemblies for a complete dispensing solution when used together.
  • Color and BrandingAnodised cap dropper assemblies are available in a range of pantone references. For brand identity we also offer printing on tubular dropper bottles.
  • QualityUsing DWKs Quality Management Systems (QMS), pipette manufacturing is performed under total process control, assuring delivery of consistent product quality.