Ready to Use Vials & Closures

All of our plastic and glass ready-to-use (RTU) vials are pre-sterilized to meet USP and EP industry standards. RTU vials are available in a variety of formats including nest & tub, partitioned tray, modular packed and kitted with RTU closures. RTU components ship with Certificate of Analysis (COA) and allow for direct entry into small and large batch production entities improve workflows.

  • Small minimum order requirements
  • Small to bulk lot controlled quantities
  • Global presence to secure your supply chain

Types of Ready to Use Vials & Closures


  • Clean, depyrogenated, and sterilized ready-to-use (RTU) vials designed for pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing entities performing small to large batch aseptic parenteral packaging.


  • Clear and amber glass vials with caps are prepared to strict guidelines and are designed to improve workflow, reduce risk, and simplify supply chain.


  • Clear and amber glass RTU vials and closures are bulk packed and shipped in a single lot along with a certificate of analysis (COA).


  • Nested clear Cyclic Olefin Poylmer (COP) RTU vials feature a protective surface barrier to enhance durability, hydrophobicity, and chemical resistance when packaging sensitive biologics and vaccines. Available with RTU closures.

Note: WHEATON® DualFusion Vials are manufactured by and sold under license from Si02 Materials Science.

   Customization Capabilities


Particulate Cleaning

USP<788>/EP2.9.19 Particulate Matter in Injections

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USP<85>/EP2.6.1 Bacterial Endotoxins

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USP<71>/EP2.6.14 Sterility

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Custom Packaging

Convenience & Flexibility

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  • Attribute: Serum & Lyophilization
  • Attribute: Coated & Uncoated
  • Attribute: Meets USP & EP sterility standards for injectable packaging

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  • Attribute: Flip Cap, Center Disc Tear Out, Complete Tear Off
  • Attribute: Multiple color options
  • Attribute: Meets USP & EP sterility standards for injectable packaging

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RTU Snap Caps

  • Attribute: Pre-assembled with serum & Lyophilization stoppers
  • Attribute: Sterile one-step capping
  • Attribute: RTU Nested or Bag options

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Other Vial Solutions


High Recovery Vials

Clear and amber heavy walled Type I glass threaded hi-recovery vials maximize sample retrieval. Available in crimp and threaded finish.


Elite Micro Packaging

For the packaging, storage and DOT and IATA transport compliant shipment of small volumes of reagents and biosamples.


E-Z Ex-traction vials

Clear screw threaded Type I glass vials with a conical bottom to maximize sample recovery.


Sample Storage Vials

Clear and amber Type I threaded vials for organic, chemical, essential oil, liquid, buffer, and culture media storage.

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