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Custom Configurations

Customization, Coordination, and Reliability: Everything Needed For Packaging Solutions

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned working with customers to understand their technology and process requirements and deliver custom packing configurations that meet their workflow and stocking objectives. Our high-quality primary packaging components are packed to align with specific operational, inventory management, and run-rate needs. Choose from our many packaging options; Products can be packed in trays, bags, shrink-wrapped modules and partitioned and packed in small quantity packs,case, and pallet configurations.


  • Configured to improve your operational efficiencies and reduce scrap.
  • Secondary packaging materials optimized for dock to cleanroom management.
  • Flexible quantity requirements, including small quantity packs, shrink-wrapped modules, case, and pallet quantities.
  • Comprehensive support of every phase of your workflow, from benchtop through the automated fill and finish operations.
  • An expert team of packaging engineers and integration specialists consult with you to achieve your custom requirements.