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Custom Glass Design

Skilled Custom Glass Design and Fabrication Meets Unique Needs

While our catalog is extensive, here at DWK Life Sciences we know that sometimes your work calls for customized glassware. A team of experienced designers and glassblowers are at your disposal, whether your application centers on lab work, an industrial or clinical application or packaging. Through careful consultation, we’ll create a custom glassware solution that achieves your conformal and conditional specifications, whether you want a slight variation of a standard product or a unique design. We’ve built a streamlined design process that will support and inform you from prototype through high-quantityproduction.


Our custom glass solutions are application-specific, offering innovative designs that solve unique challenges. Whether you need a single custom glass component or multiple pieces, skilled glassblowers are on hand to fabricate to your specifications and ASTM standards for chromatography and volumetric applications.

From glass-forming to machining, precision boring to graduating and calibrating, consider DWK Life Sciences as your partner in achieving success.

  • High-quality, durable, low-expansion borosilicate glass component and bottle designs from 1mL to 100mL offer flexibility and choice.
  • Dimensional, jointed, and graduated attributes — including capacity, height, diameter, connections, and increments — can be applied to standard glassware products to achieve a customized solution.
  • Precision processes are employed to create flat, tapered, spherical and other surface contours to achieve unique joined component combinations.
  • Skilled glassblowers can create one-of-a-kind angles and surface transitions to both inside and outside diameters for glass-to-glass and glass-to-other-interfaces.
  • Expert at meeting exacting dimensional accuracy required for laboratories, electro-optics, high vacuum applications, glass-to-metal sealing, and high-resolution camera systems.