Wash Bottles

Lab wash bottles are for dispensing use only and not for liquid storage. DWK offers wash bottles with the Driplok® vapor venting valve which prevents hazardous solvent drips. While plastic wash bottles are available, the KIMBLE® gas washing bottles are manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3, making them highly resistant and suitable for use with various solvents.

  • KIMBLE® atmospheric environmental bottles are specially made with borosilicate glass high vacuum plug valve stems to eliminate potential outgassing.
  • Select AZLON® LDPE wash bottles, available in 11 languages and 6 solvent labels, for the exact dispensing control provided by the precision jet-tip aperture.
  • Choose KIMBLE® unitized wash bottles for easy ambidextrous one-handed operation, allowing you to pump and stop liquid as needed.
  • Opt for KIMBLE® gas washing bottle with fritted disc for more uniform gas distribution throughout the absorbing material.

Wash Bottles FAQs

Wash Bottles

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our KIMBLE® tall form gas washing bottle with medium-length joint in the 125 mL size is a “Dreschel” type of washing bottle.

A gas washing bottle is used to purify gases by passing them through a liquid solvent. Some examples of solvents that can be used to absorb gases include water and acidic or alkaline solutions.

Gas flows into the bottle through the center tube and exits at the bottom. As the gas rises through the liquid solvent, it forms small bubbles, maximizing contact with the solvent to completely absorb undesirable constituents.

These impurities in the gas dissolve into the liquid solvent or undergo chemical reactions, thus washing or drying the gas. Purified gas then exits the bottle through the side tube of the bottle stopper.