Lab Funnels

While the classic design of a funnel may appear simple, we understand the complexities and demands of your work and dedicate the same level of manufacturing precision to our extensive line of lab funnels as we do to every item in our portfolio. So whether you need a funnel for extraction, separation, addition, filtration, or for transfer, you can expect to find a high-quality option that’s right for your application.

To further meet your needs, our funnels include filters with various pore sizes and are available in many styles, sizes, and a variety of materials such as fritted glass.

Funnels to Meet Your Needs

If your work requires the dosed addition of solutions, reaction mixtures, and/or chemicals, we recommend using a dropping funnel. DURAN® dropping funnels are available with or without a pressure equalization tube. In addition to the standard ground joint, this innovative design contains a pressure equalization tube at the lower end, which helps you avoid both negative and positive pressure in reaction vessels.

Understanding the need to have the right tool for every job, we’ve designed the shape of our separating funnels like a pointed flask with a stopcock at its tip. KIMAX® Squibb separatory funnels deliver the ultimate precision for liquid-liquid extractions of two immiscible liquids with a carefully designed pear-shape. All funnels are available with a PTFE stopcock plug for the most precise separation of liquids. For your convenience and cost-savings, replacement stoppers are available. DURAN® conical shaped funnel is graduated for accuracy and has a PTFE stopcock plug. This short stem separating funnel is fabricated for rapid extractions of environmental samples and is available in a variety of capacities to meet your exact needs. This innovative design means that this funnel is also ideal for cleaning processes.

We know that the transfer of solids presents unique challenges, so we designed our powder funnels to enable the clean transfer of powders, granulated materials, or other solids. Our KIMAX® powder funnels are available with a small or wide neck, and a short or wide stem to facilitate the fast transfer of solids without clogging the stem. Depending on your needs, choose borosilicate or soda-lime glass. Either way, the fire-polished rim, and stem provide a long service life. For applications involving hot or aggressive media, we recommend filters made of borosilicate glass because of its high resistance to chemical attack and mechanical and thermal shock.

Powder addition funnels are also available with vacuum hose connections and jointed versions. These funnels are ideal for adding solids or liquids to reaction set-ups under vacuum conditions.

When it’s necessary to separate or clean different media, DWK Life Sciences’ filtration funnels are up to this vital task. Our Buchner funnels work perfectly with paper or polymeric filters as well as fritted discs. We recommend that you choose fritted disc Buchner funnels wherever filter paper and membranes cannot withstand the chemical attack of the filtrate and we offer them in a variety of porosities. DURAN® micro filter funnels are the go-to when very small quantities of solution can be filtered. Finally, the conical funnel shape of the Hirsch filter directs filtrate through a reduced area frit to concentrate crystal residue for rewashing.

Weighing funnels are specially designed for transporting and weighing small quantities of solid and liquid samples. They have a wide end into which samples may be placed for weighing and a funnel-shaped end for subsequent transfer into flasks, tubes, or any narrow neck apparatus. The flat bottom design ensures stability when placed on a surface and prevents the funnel from rolling off the weighing pan. Made from borosilicate glass, our durable, reusable versions are safe for dish-washers, autoclaves, and microwaves. For your convenience, we also offer them with 13-425 or 20-400 thread that allows for direct connection to MICROFLEX® threaded kit components.