Safeguard the precision of your liquid measurements with DWK's hydrometers. Crafted from high-quality soda-lime glass, they provide reliable and accurate measurements of solution density.

  • Our selection of hydrometers are designed for use in the petrochemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.
  • Made from steel pellets plus a binder, the ballast in all of our hydrometers is free of heavier toxic metals.
  • Certificate of Traceability included to meet regulatory requirements.
  • All hydrometers are meticulously calibrated for consistent and accurate results.
  • Committed customer support for inquiries, calibration, troubleshooting, ensuring peace of mind and product longevity.

Hydrometers FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

To determine the alcohol content using a hydrometer, you immerse the hydrometer in the liquid. The hydrometer will settle to a specific depth in the liquid, providing a reading based on its specific gravity. The higher the alcohol content, the higher the hydrometer will remain afloat. By referencing a calibration chart or table, you can precisely calculate the alcohol content in the liquid.

The key distinction is that hygrometers measure humidity or moisture content in the air, while hydrometers measure the density or specific gravity of liquids.