Diagnostic Packaging

DWK Life Sciences offers glass and plastic diagnostic packaging systems design for manufacturers of diagnostic assay and sample collection content. Whether your focus is clinical or industrial diagnostics for human or animal populations, DWK Life Sciences' medical glassware and diagnostic packaging systems are designed for the regulated transport and the safe packaging of antibodies, reagents, buffers, stop agents, and other diagnostic kitting content.

Our diagnostic packaging systems offer excellent barrier protection, chemical resistance, and impermeability to assure content integrity, and result in accuracy. Diagnostic vials can be used for lyophilization content. Available in Ready-to-Use (RT) and bar-coded formats to simplify your workflow and improve traceability.



With more than 100 years of experience, DWK Life Sciences can support your critical workflows from package selection and qualification, through conformance and compliance, and in-house and contracted production.

Our primary packaging container closure systems are designed to ensure secure storage, safe delivery, and content integrity. DWK serves our customers at every critical step of their development process from gene synthesis, protein, peptide and antibody development, assay kitting, through reagent manufacturing and commercial delivery.

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