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Plastic and Glass Labeling, Marking, & Barcoding


Pre-labeled for identification and traceability

We are driven to improve how work flows. We leverage our expertise in custom marking to help you identify and track critical assets and inventory to improve your processes, performance, and control.

DWK Life Sciences can produce custom bottle labels and customize primary packaging components with alpha/numeric, bar code, and graduations. Custom markings can be applied to plastic and glass containers and closure components to support traceability, positive identification, and anticounterfeiting of packaged content.

Primary packaging components can be delivered with pressure sensitive, custom marking, ceramic, and screen labeling to assure data elements remain adhered to the container, read correctly every time, and are durable enough to withstand severe environmental conditions.

Data elements may be static, sequential, and variable.


  • Pressure Sensitive Glass and Plastic Labeling Traditional labels, engineered to withstand a variety of chemicals and environments, are offered in mono or multicolor, partial and full print to meet nearly all of your plastic and glass labeling applications.
  • Custom Plastic and Glass Labeling for Direct Marking Full-color UV & Laser process imprinting of glass and plastic component surfaces and an ideal choice for tare weighted containers.
  • Custom Marking for Ceramics Permanently fired to provide a durable long-term container identification even when exposed to harsh chemical and extreme temperature conditions, offering the best tare weighing performance.
  • Wide Range of Barcoding and Symbologies Code 39 and 128, 2D Matrix Code, QR Code, and Interleaved 2 of 5 to fit your workflow.
  • Custom Bottle Labels with Flexible Data Formats Color-coded static, variable, and sequential data improves traceability, positive identification, and tracking. Ensures no duplication of data.

Customization Capabilities

RTS components meeting USP<788>/EP2.9.19

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RTU components meeting USP<71>/EP2.6.14

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Assures package weight accuracy

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  • Clear and amber Type I vials.
  • Parenteral, lyophilization, and vaccine applications.
  • Available in RTU sterile glass vial formats.
  • Clear and amber Type I threaded glass vials.
  • Freeze dried bases suitable for lyophilization applications.
  • Available in RTU sterile glass vial formats.

Micro Packaging Vial

  • Polypropylene vials
  • Packaging, storage and shipment of small volumes of reagents and biosamples.
  • RTU & Unprocessed configurations.
  • Flip Off, Tear Off, Tear Out
  • Multiple color options.
  • RTU & Unprocessed configurations.