Dropping & Addition Funnels
  • All of our glass dropping funnels are manufactured from 3.3 expansion borosilicate glass.
  • DWK dropping funnels have a funnel stem with a standard ground cone joint for tight closure.
  • Choose dropping and addition funnels for accurate dosing of solutions, reaction mixtures or chemicals, and dropwise additions.
  • Select pressure-equalizing funnels to avoid negative and positive pressure in the reaction vessels.
  • Opt for DURAN®, PYREX®, and QUICKFIT® dropping funnels fitted with a stopcock for fine control of liquid flow.

Dropping & Addition Funnels FAQs

Addition & Dropping Funnels

Frequently Asked Questions

A dropping funnel, also called an addition funnel, is a laboratory apparatus used for slow, precise, and controlled addition of liquids into a receiving vessel. It allows accurate and steady dosing of liquids, drop-by-drop.

The primary difference between a dropping funnel and a separating funnel is their design and function. The purpose of a dropping funnel is to add liquids drop-wise, whereas a separating funnel is used to separate immiscible liquids, i.e., liquids with different densities, into distinct layers. A dropping funnel comes in multiple shapes, including cylindrical, pear-shaped, and bulb-shaped. In contrast, a separating funnel typically comes in an inverted pear shape – although other designs are available.

The volume capacity of a dropping funnel differs depending on the product you choose. DWK offers a wide range – 50 mL to 1000 mL – of graduated and ungraduated dropping funnels that cater to your laboratory needs.