• DURAN® and Kimble filters and filter plates, made from borosilicate glass, offer exceptional chemical and thermal shock resistance and are ideal for use in vacuum filter apparatuses with strong acids or alkalis.
  • Designed with a special geometry and increased wall thickness, our filtration vessels are built for vacuum filtration applications.

Vacuum Filter Apparatus FAQs

Vacuum Filter Apparatus

Frequently Asked Questions

A vacuum filter apparatus separates solids from liquids quickly using a vacuum source. It consists of a Büchner funnel, filter paper, a vacuum-tight filter flask, and a vacuum source, efficiently pulling liquids through the filter paper while trapping solids.

The vacuum filter rapidly separates solids from liquids by creating a pressure differential that pulls the liquid through a filter, leaving solids behind. This efficient method is commonly used in laboratories for tasks like collecting precipitates or purifying compounds.

For a filtration experiment, use a vacuum filter apparatus consisting of a Büchner funnel, filter paper, a vacuum-tight flask, and a vacuum source to efficiently separate solids from liquids.

DURAN® and Kimble filters and filter plates are used in the vacuum filter apparatus, which are made from chemical and thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass.