Glass Bottles

Glass bottles have a long history of safe use as the primary packaging for high-value products, especially pharmaceuticals. The unique combination of excellent barrier properties, chemical durability and transparency has made glass the reference material for pharma, biotech, chemicals, diagnostics, and personal care packaging. We offer an extensive range of packaging in borosilicate, soda lime / flint and amber glass. Bottle styles include; AC round, Boston Round, Diagnostic, French Square, Jars, Jugs, Media, Reagent, Wide Mouth Packer, and Serum bottles.

  • From a one-source supplier with extensive glass manufacturing know-how
  • Extensive portfolio of standardized glass container sizes and thread finishes
  • Customized glass bottles designed to unique specifications
  • Custom cleaning, depyrogenation, sterilization, surface treatments available

Types of Glass Bottles

Type I Glass Bottles

  • Molded from borosilicate 3.3 glass with high hydrolytic resistance
  • Clear with high transparency
  • Amber for UV light protection of sensitive materials
  • Narrow and wide mouth openings

Type III Glass Bottles

  • Bottles manufactured from clear and amber USP Type III soda-lime glass
  • Clear with high transparency
  • Amber for light sensitive products
  • Narrow mouth bottles are ideal for liquids
  • Wide mouth bottles are ideal for dry and viscous samples
  • White polypropylene or black phenolic screw closures can be purchased separately

Customization Capabilities


Particulate Cleaning




Barcoding, Labeling & Marking


Custom Secondary Packing

  • GL 25 and GL 45 threads
  • USP <88> Class VI materials
  • Class 8 cleanroom
  • A variety of standard threads available
  • Selection of cap liner materials
  • Several cap colors
  • Tamper Evident ring
  • Reliable sealing PTFE-coated cap liner
  • Compatible with GL 45 threads
  • A variety of standard threads available
  • Selection of cap liner materials
  • Black phenolic

Other Bottle Solutions


Glass Bottles: Boston Round Bottles

Clear and amber USP Type III soda-lime glass bottles ideal for oral dose forms.


Glass Bottles: Large Bottle Jug Handle

Clear and amber USP Type III soda-lime glass bottles ideal for animal health applications.


Plastic Bottles: PETG Sterile Media Bottles

PETG & PC bottles with tamper evident caps suitable for the packaging of media, reagents, and buffers.


Type III Square & Rectangular

Clear and amber USP Type III & ASTM Type II glass bottles designed for tablets, powders, solids, and viscous content.


LDPE Cylinder Round Bottles

LDPE narrow mouth bottles demonstrating good chemical resistance and ideal for liquids.


Type I Injection vials

Clear and amber Type I glass vials designed for parenteral, lyophilized, and vaccine content.


HDPE Oblong Bottles

Wide mouth opening is ideal for the storage and management of solid samples and powders. Supplied with a lined polypropylene screw cap applied.

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