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Pharma Production

To meet the pharmaceutical industry’s packaging and production needs, DWK Life Sciences offers a full line of DURAN® PURE bottles, closures, and stirrers. Each piece is manufactured from borosilicate glass to withstand the rigors inherent to the industry including aerating, dissolving, emulsifying, and, mixing. The excellent hydrolytic and chemical resistance that characterize DURAN® PURE glassware ensures that it is appropriate for virtually unrestricted use. In addition, its ability to withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or shattering means it’s well suited for high-temperature applications — up to 500°C. One more reason to trust DURAN® PURE for your pharmaceutical packaging and production? Every piece meets the requirements of international pharmacopeias and is available with the certificates required by the regulatory authorities.

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Purity Meets Precision to Support Pharma

We designed DURAN® PURE bottle and closures especially to meet the packaging and production needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Known for chemical and temperature resistance, DURAN® PURE bottles stand up to the demands of a variety of applications, including those that involve cold storage, harsh and sensitive content storage, vacuums, and varying pressure. We offer a variety of sizes and openings of these space-saving bottles and guarantee their safe use in an autoclave. We’ve also innovated the grip which features depressions to aid in safe handling. DURAN® PURE products are delivered as single-batches with 100% traceability and managed by change control.

DURAN® PURE GLS80 bottles are Type 1 borosilicate 3.3 glass conforming to the national and international pharmacopeias and are supported by a full set of batch certificates (CoAs), quality documents, extractable reports, and Drug Master Files Type III. To best suit your needs, DURAN® PURE bottles are available in clear and amber glass with either narrow or wide mouths. They’re ideal for use with PFA, PSU/PTFE, and blue quick-release closures (PP, integral lip seal) and pouring rings (PP) for drip-free pouring and clean, safe working. The construction and range of openings make this bottle perfect for pharmaceutical packaging and production — whether you’re using it for storage, transport, safekeeping and sampling of substances, granulated material, powders, and viscous media, or sampling of hot media.

Our DURAN® baffled wide-mouth GLS 80 bottle is designed to support aerating, dissolving, emulsifying, homogenizing, mixing, and suspension applications. The baffles support wirling motions that approximate solid body rotations while reducing dead zones where mixing doesn’t occur. Manufactured from molded borosilicate 3.3 clear glass, the baffle bottle is graduated, fully autoclavable and offered in 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml sizes. The 65mm mouth opening provides easy access to contents and thorough cleaning.

If you’re looking for a simple, low-cost jacketed bioreactor, DURAN® double-walled, wide-mouth GLS 80 bottle is our recommendation. The double-wall, wide and wider mouth design, along with top and bottom flow ports, allow heated or cooled liquids to be circulated. This, in turn, helps control the temperature of packaged content and creates a thermostatic vessel to maintain temperature control of fluids, viscous liquids, and endo/exothermic reagents. This bottle is fully autoclavable and features a 65mm inner opening to help with accessibility and cleaning. Use this bottle with GLS 80 magnetic stirrer cap, connection cap, and solid screw cap systems.

Like the others in our pharmaceutical packaging and production line, the DURAN® PURE GL25/45 bottles are made from high-quality Type I borosilicate clear and amber glass. With sizes ranging from 25mL – 20L these bottles are ideal for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, storage of bulk drug intermediates and ingredients, plus transportation of APIs. Conveniently, DURAN® PURE GL25/45 bottles are closed with a protective cover to prevent contamination and delivered with CoAs that assure 100% traceability and change control management. And of course, DURAN® PURE bottles are available with the documentation required by regulatory authorities and meet the requirements of the international pharmacopeias.

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