Volumetric Pipettes
  • High level of traceability, accuracy, and precision in serialized and certified versions.
  • Reusable, disposable, or specialty pipettes offer precision and robust performance.
  • Four primary pipette designs with over two dozen purchase options.

Designed for tight tolerances, these volumetric pipettes are manufactured according to both ASTM specifications E543, and E969, are NIST traceable and will provide years of reliable, accurate service. We’re confident that these pipettes will provide dependable dilutions and testing of critical fluids — whether volatile organic solvents, biologicals, petroleum, or dairy products. Our ingenious pipette design innovations include critically shaped bulb surfaces and internal tip uniformity, blow-out features, and graduations that consistently allow incremental dispensing.

KIMBLE® KIMAX® volumetric pipettes are offered in four levels:

  • Class A, TC serialized and certified (37006-series with Certificates of Calibration included and individually serialized numbers on the pipettes, matching the number printed on the certificate.)
  • Class A, TD/TC (37003-series)
  • Class A, TD (37002-series)
  • Class B, TD (37001-series)

Recognizing your need for verifiable precision, Certificates of Accuracy are included with 37001, 37002, and 37003-series and match the printed batch numbers on the volumetric pipettes. Superior graduation and markings improve vision and confidence in the meniscus, while color-band coding aids in visual confirmation of proper volumetric pipette and/or defense against cross-contamination.

Volumetric Pipettes