• Class A, Class B and educational grades available.
  • Standard and specialized Burets from 5 to 1000 mL capacities.
  • Reservoir-fill and funnel-fill versions available.

Volume content tolerances and material types conform to the standards you rely on such as USP, ASTM, DIN, and ISO. Over twenty design types, including educational grade and other specialized burets, meet broad application and budget needs. Spurred by our customer partnerships, it’s no accident that our broad offerings and innovative designs — attached reservoir bottles, pellet-type with Schelbach stripe, micro-Burets, and automatic burets — lead the market. Class A serialized and certified versions meet the highest precision measurement needs and regulatory requirements. Have lower precision needs? We recommend Class B in those cases or for general purpose titrations. Additionally, amberized RAYSORB® surface treatment is the standard offering for light-sensitive analytes.

The original DURAN® burets are made of highly chemical resistant borosilicate glass 3.3 expansion glass. Precise scaling makes these burets particularly suitable for titrimetric applications. Volumes can be trusted to be at scale since the adhesion of liquid to glass was taken into account during calibration. The tolerances for the volume corresponds to the error limits of ISO and DIN. DURAN® burets are available with glass or PTFE keys. PTFE keys do not have to be greased, which simplifies and streamlines work in the laboratory.