People & Culture

Target & Commitments

Human Rights

Respect for human rights is fundamental to the way we manage our business. We are committed to complying with human rights in all our business units. Likewise, we expect all our business partners, suppliers, and customers to comply with all legal frameworks.

In 2021 we created work teams in all entities to develop a set of major corporate policies. In 2022 we adopted a Human Rights Policy, in which we commit ourselves to preventing child labor and forced labor. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.

Business partners must comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct and agree to uphold human rights internationally. If business partners do not uphold the basic principles of our Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation.

Human Rights Target

  • Zero-tolerance strategy


    • Training of all employees on respect for human rights


    Health & Safety

    The health and safety of our employees at work has the highest priority for DWK Life Sciences. This includes the maintenance and constant improvement of standards in the areas of operational safety, labor, and health protection. Every field of work and its surroundings at DWK Life Sciences must satisfy these safety standards.

    Health & Safety Targets

    • Increase number of safety trainings
    • Reduce accidents with days off work
    • Reduce near misses


    • Regular safety inspections and walk-throughs
    • Conducting cross-plant Operational Performance System (OPS) audits
    • Regular training of employees


    • Awareness-building on the subject of general accident risks
    • Identification and elimination of danger hotspots
    • Awareness-building concerning "situational awareness"

    Employment & Remuneration

    We are convinced that the company’s success depends on the talent and performance of dedicated employees. DWK group remunerates according to the skills, performance and experience of its employees based on legal requirements and regulations in all entities.

    All employees are granted a remuneration which is at or above the legal minimum standards of the respective countries.


    • Permanent competitive and adequate remuneration


    • Regular screening of compensation structure
    • Active adjustment of remuneration in case of job enlargement or job enrichment


    Equal Opportunities & Diversity

    At DWK Life Sciences we value and encourage different perspectives, backgrounds, expertise, and mindsets. This also includes a discrimination-free working environment and equal opportunities for all employees - regardless of origin, religion, gender, age, physical condition or sexual orientation. We promote a work culture in which our employees can be authentic and contribute with their strengths. That’s why we offer flexible and mobile work to accommodate individual life phases. The commitment to live diversity involves everyone at DWK Life Sciences, from the highest management levels to every individual person.

    Equal Opportunity & Diversity Target

    • Zero-tolerance strategy


    • Increase the awareness of discrimination-free working environment


    DWK's Contribution to UN SDG's

    DWK's sustainable development objectives are in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which include:

    • Improving global health and well-being
    • Promoting gender equality
    • Encouraging responsible consumption and production practices
    • Taking action to address climate change

    Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Topics

    The material topics identified and based on ESG are climate change and energy conservation, health and safety measures related to product stewardship, water conservation and management, air emissions reduction, waste reduction and resource efficiency, and upholding human rights, promoting employment, and ensuring diversity.