Plastic Dropper Bottles, tips & caps

Plastic dropping bottles are ideal for the packaging of diagnostic and pharmaceutical contents that require the controlled delivery of small quantities of liquids. Plastic dropper bottles are designed for medical use and include a dispensing tip and protective cap.

  • Small minimum order requirements
  • Manufactured in an ISO 13485 facility & lot controlled
  • Global presence to secure your supply chain

Types of Plastic Dropping Bottles, tips & caps

Diagnostic Dropping Bottles

  • Diagnostic dropping bottles are made of compressible natural, white, and black LDPE. Dropping bottles, tips and caps are radiation sterilization compatible.

LDPE dropping tips

  • LDPE dropping tips are offered in a range of colors to aid content recognition. Available in a range of controlled dispensing, 18-63uL
    • Controlled dispensing
    • Radiation Sterilization Grade LDPE
    • Eleven color options

Dropping Bottle Closures

  • Offered in a range of colors to aid content recognition. Double bagged to reduce particulates.
    • Made from polypropylene offering good chemical resistance
    • Manufactured to stringent ISO and quality, and lot control standards

Customization Capabilities


Particulate Cleaning

RTS components meeting USP<788>/EP2.9.19

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RTU components meeting USP<71>/EP2.6.14

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Custom Packaging

Designed to your specifications

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Barcoding, Labeling & Marking

RTU components meeting USP<71>/EP2.6.14

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Add-on Components

Glass Dropper Bottles and Assemblies
Brochures & Flyers

Other Droppler Bottle and Assembly Solutions


Clear Tubular Glass Dropper Bottles & Assemblies

Manufactured from Type 1B Neutral Glass for key primary packaging/dispensing applications in diagnostic, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications such as blood grouping reagents and rare grouping sera in IVD kits


Amber Tubular Glass Dropper Bottles & Assemblies

Amber Tubular Glass Dropping Bottles are used extensively for packaging and dispensing light sensitive homeopathic flower remedies. Available in both 10ml and 20ml sizes, to offer flexibility for your packaging requirements.

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