Compound Pharmacy

DWK Life Sciences offers glass and plastic containment systems suitable for the packaging of personalized medications produced by compounding pharmacies. Our glass and plastic containers and associated closures are designed to meet industry standards for leak resistant storage and transportation of prescription substances. Whether your compound pharmacy / primary manufacturing unit produces patient-specific compound medications or performs batch production, DWK can scale to your operation.

Our glass and plastic container closure systems are available in ready-to-use (RTU) configurations to simplify your supply chain and workflow. We can customize primary packaging components with alpha/numeric and bar codes to support traceability, positive identification, and anticounterfeiting of packaged content.



With more than 100 years of experience, DWK can support your critical workflows from package selection and qualification, through conformance and compliance, and in-house and contracted production.

Our primary packaging container closure systems are designed to ensure secure storage, safe delivery, and content integrity. DWK serves our customers at every critical step of their 503A and 503B compounding workflows from research and identification, development and optimization of novel treatment options for their patients to retail, small batch and contract manufacturing.

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