DWK Life Sciences offers a comprehensive range of lab glass bottles to satisfy virtually every packaging use case, including diagnostic, reagent, serum, dropper, media, square, oval and rectangular, and round bottles and jars. To accommodate the breadth of application possibilities, we offer a range of materials. Our laboratory glass bottles are available in borosilicate and soda-lime glass. In addition, because we understand that sometimes the glass is not suited for every instance, we offer HDPE, LDPE, and PET plastic. No matter which material you choose, we stand ready to customize your shipping quantity, and, to simplify workflow, we’re prepared to custom pack your order to meet your specific configuration, operational, and run rate needs.

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We’re Here to Solve Your Problems

Your specific storage, transport, and packaging bottle requirements may be unique, but your need for responsive, transparent communication, precise quality standards, and order customization are universal. That’s why we’re driven to keep our customers first, providing a single source for a comprehensive range of glass, plastic, and closure primary packaging components. And our products are available in bulk quantities, ready-to-use formats, or custom packed to accommodate your specific configuration, operational, and run-rate needs.

Every container is configured and certified to ensure safe delivery and packaging integrity. Ready-to-use solutions are designed to improve your workflow, streamline supply chain, and simplify the administrative effort.

Flexible Options to Meet Real-World Needs

Choose from over 3,000 clear and amber borosilicate and soda-lime glass or low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic containers. Every bottle can be matched to polypropylene or black phenolic screw caps. Liner options include poly-vinyl faced pulp/paper, foamed polyethylene disc, PTFE- faced foamed polyethylene, PTFE- faced silicone, PE cone liners, and linerless closures in a variety of colors.

DWK Life Sciences Type I borosilicate glass offers a verifiable track record of superior chemical resistance, providing the least reactive surface of glass containers available. This quality makes our packaging solutions ideal for most pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract applications, including packaging for parenteral, non-parenteral, vaccine and lyophilized products, as well as autoclaving. Type I glass may be used to package acidic, neutral and alkaline content, water for injection, un-buffered content, chemicals, sensitive content, and content requiring sterilization.

When value is more of a concern than superior chemical resistance, we recommend our Type III soda-lime glass lab bottles and jars which offer good chemical resistance and are typically appropriate for pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical packaging applications of dry powders, large samples, solids that will be dissolved into solutions, or buffers that are insensitive to alkali. And because we’re as committed to safety as you are, hazardous communication labels are included with each case of bottles, helping ensure safe handling. In addition, we’ll provide tamper-evident seals with each case of bottles so that each bottle remains sealed, and the contents remain protected against accidental misuse.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic containers are available in a wide range of sizes, mouth diameters, and shapes. Polypropylene is the clear choice for the storage and process transfer of content requiring good chemical resistance as well as moisture, oil, alcohol, and gas barrier protection. HDPE is ideally suited for storage and process transfer of content. Many are available in no-drip formats and double-bagged configurations with tamper bands and hazardous communication labels.

Our high-quality dropper bottles are precisely manufactured for use in biotech, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical applications that require controlled transfer of various liquids including light-sensitive content. Our lab glass dropper bottles meet ISO standards and are available in custom, kitted, and double bagged configurations in 1-125ml opaque and transparent low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Dropper bottles can be configured with CONEG color radiation-grade polypropylene screw caps compatible with ethylene oxide (EO) gas and gamma sterilization. Caps and tips are available in flat, rounded, and extended control dropper snap styles.

We’ve listened to our customers and designed our extensive line of serum bottles to perform above and beyond requirements. We recommend these bottles for biotech, diagnostic, dermatologic, microbiologic, and forensic applications that require short- and long-term sample storage as well as content delivery of parenteral, lyophilized, and vaccine content. Serum bottles meet USP660 standards associated with Type I borosilicate glass and are available in the case, pallet, and custom configurations in sizes ranging from 2ml to 250ml USP660. Choose from clear or amber glass with 13mm and 20mm crimp and screw thread neck finishes. Our serum bottles offer high thermal shock resistance, superior barrier properties, high pH stability, extractable reduction, blow back resistance, and minimize UV light transmission (amber).

Committed to innovation, we’ve designed our versatile round bottles and jars for pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory, and environmental applications that require small to large volume storage, sample handling, and complete content removal of specimens — solid, dry powders, viscous, solvent, chemical, and soil samples. Our virtually inert and impermeable clear and amber soda-lime glass varieties are available in popular styles including Boston round, AC round, wide-mouth packer, and straight-sided. Sizes range from 30ml to 1000ml. Our round bottle and jar solutions can be paired with phenolic or polypropylene caps and PE cone, poly-vinyl lined, or PTFE and fluoropolymer resin-faced foamed polyethylene liners. Many products include a clear hazardous communication label for content identification and safety notification plus a tamper-evident seal to protect contents from accidental misuse.

Our media and lab glass bottles support multiple applications, including mixing, extended storage, transporting, and drip-free dispensing of liquid media, buffer solutions, culture media, non-hazardous chemicals or volatile organic substances, and solvents. As with most of our bottles, media bottle solutions are available in glass and plastic varieties to meet your needs. Specifically, we offer Type I glass in non-drip amber or clear borosilicate — our recommendation for higher temperature applications. Plastic products are offered in HDPE/PP, amber or natural, wide or narrow mouth, and are double-bagged and lot-controlled in sizes ranging from 4ml to1000ml. Based on our knowledge and experience we can readily propose a plastic solution as the best choice for impact-resistant, low-temperature applications. And each is available with colored linerless closures. Media bottles are also available in square shapes, graduated styles, and with phenolic or polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) screw caps with ETFE pour lips for use with high-temperature applications.

We can recommend our diagnostic or reagent bottles if your applications focus on diagnostic IVD and assay, biopharmaceutical, veterinary, or ophthalmic areas that require sample storage and shipping of reagents, buffers, conjugates, substrates, standards, biologics, test kit content, including light-sensitive content. Our glass diagnostic bottles include molded clear and amber screw thread bottles that meet USP Type I requirements for superior chemical resistance and use with lyophilized content. Glass solutions can be paired with I-Loc or polypropylene/F217 foamed LDPE caps. Plastic diagnostic bottles consist of leak-resistant natural and amber HDPE and polypropylene no-drip offerings that include a linerless closure. When your application calls for a glass reagent bottle we can accommodate your needs with multiple choices. For example, our borosilicate wide and narrow mouth in stopper or screw thread finishes, are well-suited for autoclave applications. Glass reagent screw thread styles offer a no-drip pour and include a matching polypropylene cap with PTFE liner.

If you’re working on pharmaceutical and biotech applications that require space-saving prolonged storage, maximum-volume sampling, mixing, and delivery of APIs, bulk intermediates, culture media, buffers, reagents, oral dose, or nutraceuticals, you can have confidence choosing from our variety of packaging bottles shapes. Looking for efficiency? Space-saving bottle solutions are available in glass and plastic including sterile square PET, French square clear soda-lime, Blake oblong HPDE, and sloped PET. Many are available with graduations and polypropylene poly-vinyl lined screw caps and black phenolic caps with rubber or PE cone liners. Concerned about the ease of filling or mixing? We understand and recommend you consider our French square clear glass soda-lime bottles — the standard for easy-to-fill, mixing, storage, and sampling of solvents and chemicals. Their ingenious design includes thick-walls that are virtually inert and impermeable. Finally, our innovative sloped PET bottles are known for their glass-like transparency as well as their flame-retardant, and impact-resistant properties making this solution compliant with FDA and USP requirements biocompatibility.

Custom Bottle Designs

Recognizing that sometimes a custom solution is called for, our fabricated glassware is
designed to meet specific use case needs and manufactured to your precise specifications. Whether you want a slight variation of a standard product or a unique design up to 100L, DWK Life Sciences stands ready to streamline the design process and support you from prototype through high-quantity production. Services include; cutting, grinding, polishing, beveling, sandblasting, drilling, lathing, and packaging.

Ready-to-Use Solutions

Our fully customizable primary packaging components are ready-to-use, off the shelf and are designed to reduce lead times, simplify sourcing, and improve workflows. The COMPLETEPAKTM product line — a range of crimp-top vials, rubber stoppers, and seals — is so flexible that it can be customized for virtually any application. Common applications include; small batch filling, drug discovery, and drug research of large and small molecules, parenteral, and lyophilize and freeze-dried content. Designed to streamline a customer’s supply chain through a one-source solution, each kit comes with its specific United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certificate showing that the product meets or exceeds critical USP standards that are enforced by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This solution allows you to focus on your core competency.