WHEATON® LVI™ Vials 9mm ABC Screw Cap Vial, Amber With Writing Patch

  • Inserts and clear vials are manufactured from ASTM Type I, Class A borosilicate glass. Amber vials are manufactured from borosilicate glass.
  • Manufacturing process precisely controls the depth and position of the insert relative to the bottom of the vial. This allows more consistent sample recovery from vial to vial and reduces the possibility of autosampler needle damage.
  • Insert has a slight flare at the top, providing a larger needle target area, which prevents needle damage
  • Writing patch on all vials
  • Available in clear and amber
  • Use with WHEATON® ABC Screw Caps
  • Purchase vials and caps separately or together in convenience packs
  • 300 µL capacity with a residual volume of only 4 µL (depending on the solvent, needle style and depth adjustment of the autosampler)
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