WHEATON® Black Phenolic Screw Cap, PE Cone Liner, 24-400, Case of 144

  • Rubber lined caps feature a nontoxic white styrene-butadiene rubber liner ideal for cell culture work
  • Aluminum foil faced pulp board liners can be used with organic solvents. Good resistance to hydrocarbons, oils, ketones and alcohols Not good for acids or alkalis.
  • Use low density polyethylene (LDPE) lined caps with distilled water, analytical standards and reagents
  • PTFE faced (14B) styrene-butadiene rubber liner provides a totally inert inner seal and surface facing the sample or product
  • Bonded PTFE faced silicone liner ideal for storage of volatile solvents, sensitive compounds and corrosive chemicals
  • Poly-Seal liner (LDPE) has unique cone liner design and offers superior torque retention and excellent sealing characteristics
  • Note: It is recommended that liner be tested prior to use for leak resistant applications
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