DWK Life Sciences offers a comprehensive range of storage and packaging ampules and vials, including serum, high-recovery, sample storage, scintillation, and shell vials. Because we understand that choosing the packaging type is only one step in satisfying your particular needs, we offer a variety of options to suit different applications: from clear or amber glass to plastic, plugged to threaded. You also get to choose the insert that best meets your needs: conical, poly spring, or tapered.

Rounding out our flexible approach, we’re happy to customize the quantities, formats and packing parameters to simplify workflow and meet your specific configuration, operational, and run rate needs.

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Packaging Vials Designed with Your Needs in Mind

DWK Life Sciences offers a comprehensive range of glass, plastic, and closure packaging components in bulk quantities, ready-to-use formats, and packed and customized to meet your specific configuration, operational, and run rate needs.

Our vials are configured and certified to ensure safe delivery and packaging integrity and are an excellent solution for protection, recovery, and analytical accuracy. Ready-to-use and shelf-pack solutions are designed to improve your workflow, streamline the supply chain, and simplify the administrative effort.

Choose from our wide variety of clear and amber glass or plastic vials in crimp, thread, and plug finishes. And of course, DWK Life Sciences vials can be matched to a wide variety of caps and liners.

Both are clear and amber glass vials meet USP660 standards associated with Type I borosilicate glass and are available in the case, pallet, and custom configurations. Our specialty shell vials offer excellent chemical-resistance, thermal properties, and clarity and can be configured with polyethylene plug caps.

Our ampules, available in clear and amber glass, are ideal for standards packaging, environmental and diagnostic standards, lyophilization and cryogenic storage. Pull and tip sealing offers the tamper-evidence you need to protect against contamination. They can also be hermetically sealed to preserve sample purity and extend the sample shelf life. A gold band on the stem of the ampule indicates that the ampule is pre-scored to make it easy to snap off the top of an ampule and eliminate the need to file. Our ampule line includes pre-scored, standard, glass Cryule® cryogenic ampules, and Vacule® lyophilization ampules. Here at DWK Life Sciences, we’re also happy to design a custom ampule to fit your special requirements.

The DWK Life Sciences line of serum vials is ideally suited for biotech, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical applications which require short- and long-term sample storage and the delivery of parenteral, lyophilized, and vaccine content. Our tubular clear and amber serum vial containers provide excellent packaged product visibility as well as superior barrier properties and chemical resistance. These vials feature a blowback neck and radiused shoulder and bottom for increased strength and are available with screw thread or crimped closures. We recommend serum vials for applications requiring thermal shock resistance, sterilization, and for packaged content requiring surfaces with high pH stability and low-extractable properties. Our high-purity glass accepts internal surface treatments including siliconization and silanization. For your convenience, serum vials can be offered with a writing patch, graduations, and with a range of seals and stoppers including I-Loc™ and open-top screw colored closures.

Our serum vials solutions are founded upon USP660 Type I borosilicate glass and are available in case, pallet, and custom configurations in sizes ranging from 2ml to 20ml clear and amber glass, with 13mm and 20mm crimp finish. To summarize: serum vials from DWK Life Sciences offer high thermal shock resistance, superior barrier properties, high pH stability, extractable reduction, blowback resistance, and minimal UV light transmission (amber).

When the stakes are high, we recommend high recovery vials — ideal for pharmaceutical, biotech, compounding or diagnostic applications that require storage, retrieval, and manual/automated processing of high-value biologics, volatile solvent, corrosive chemical, or sensitive content. With their steep conical and V-shaped interior bottom, these vials conform to USP Type I standards and provide exceptional downward content collection while allowing maximum retrieval of contents by a syringe. High recovery vials are manufactured from the heavy wall, low-extractable, borosilicate glass to protect your investment and provide excellent chemical resistance and durability during packaging, processing, and transportation. We offer these vials in bulk pack configurations, shrink-wrapped in a low-particulate cellular tray to ensure that they maintain a high level of cleanliness. Choose from clear, amber, and graduated styles for use with phenolic and polypropylene open and caps with 14B Styrene-Butadiene and Bonded PTFE-faced silicon liners.

Just as their name suggests, sample vials are perfectly suited for the collection, transport, and storage of samples. Our line includes options for either clear or amber vials converted from Type I borosilicate glass tubing. Their cylindrical shape provides solid balance and the flat bottom facilitates free-standing use. For even greater stability, we offer a reduced height version that has the added benefit of less dead space above the sample — ideal for compound storage. Sample vials come shrink-wrapped in corrugated trays with partitions and are available either with or without cap configurations. Attached caps help maintain cleanliness while the partitioned trays provide an easy way to store empty vials or to inventory samples. Solid and open-top caps are available and offered in black or white Phenolic and Polypropylene materials that can be configured with rubber, PE Cone, or PTFE-faced liners, and packed in Vial File® trays. Sample vials can be washed and autoclaved using the DWK Life Sciences vial rack with alphanumeric indexing.

When you need leak-proof storage or have sampling applications that require count accuracy, we recommend our scintillation vials. Ours are available in HDPE, PET, and clear vials converted from Type I, 33 expansion borosilicate glass tubing which has a low-potassium content to yield consistent, low backgrounds, and high UV transmission. These vials come shrink-wrapped in corrugated trays with partitions, with or without cap configurations. Scintillation vials can be washed and autoclaved using in the DWK Life Sciences vial rack with alphanumeric indexing. Attached caps help maintain cleanliness and partitioned trays provide convenient storage for empty vials or a ready option for inventory samples. Caps are offered in white Polypropylene, Urea, PE materials that can be configured with PE Foam, PE Cone, or foil liners, and can be packed in utility trays with caps attached or separate. White polypropylene caps feature potassium-free glass composition which provides consistently low activity counts and excellent light transmission.

Shell Vials are available in clear glass and natural polypropylene styles. Our glass versions are converted from Type I, 51 expansion borosilicate glass tubing. Cylindrical, straight-sided, and flat-bottomed shell vials provide solid free-standing balance and are ideal for dry and liquid contents. We recommend shell vials as an economical choice for many routine HPLC applications. These neckless vials with inserts are sold as kits including polyethylene push in caps to assure proper fit and function. Starburst low-density PE-slit caps ease needle penetration when the shell is inserted into a chromatography vial. Vial selections include clear glass, amber glass, or polypropylene, with insert choices of conical, poly spring, and tapered. Short style glass vials are offered with a plain top and are well-suited for dry storage of dry products. TITESEAL® shell vials are an economical alternative to aluminum seal, crimp/snap-ring, and screw
thread finishes.

Ready-to-Use Solutions

At DWK Life Sciences we designed our portfolio of ready-to-use vial solutions to reduce lead times, simplify your supply chain, and improve sterile traceability. Completely customizable for any application, these packaging components provide value straight off the shelf. The COMPLETEPAK product line includes a range of crimp top vials, rubber stoppers, and seals that are ready-to-use yet can be customized for virtually any application. Common applications include small-batch filling, drug discovery, drug research of large and small molecules, parenteral, lyophilize, and freeze-dried content. Designed to improve supply chains through one source, ready-to-use solution, each kit comes with a specific United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and EP certificate showing that the product meets or exceeds critical USP standards that are enforced by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This kind of solution allows our customers to focus on their core competency — manufacturing, compounding, and developing drug products.

Frequently Asked Questions

CompletePAK is especially popular with biotech and compound pharmacies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), performing early research and drug discovery as well as those performing validations contract operations and small-batch filling.

Our vial offerings can be prepared and custom configured to meet specific run rate and operational needs. Premium services; such as particulate cleaning, depyrogenation, sterilization, bagging, tare weighting and labeling are also offered.

Yes, sterile vials, seals, and stoppers are stocked for quick ship in shelf pack configurations. DWK Life Sciences, through our Custom Quoting process, can prepare, custom configure, and custom pack virtually any product in our catalog.

When lyophilizing or freezing drying content in a glass primary package/container, the container should be twice the capacity of the content. For example, lyophilizing 5 mL of product requires a vial that holds at least 10mL.

Yes, we recommend that you consider OmniSpense pump, manual capper/decapper tools, and a.C.t. crimper/decapper.

What sets the innovative DWK Life Sciences CompletePAK apart is the fact that not only are the kits ready-to-use, they’re off-the-shelf ready-to-use. This means that as soon as we receive your order, your kit is created and shipped.

CompletePAK will come with the critical USP documents for ready-to-use products which are USP &lt;788&gt; Particulate Matter in Injections, USP <85> The Bacterial Endotoxins Test, and USP <71> The Sterility Test. CompletePAK will also come with Container Closure Integrity (CCI) testing.

The shelf-life for CompletePAK is 18 months.

The vials in CompletePAK are converted from tubular Type I 33-expansion glass ideally suited for packaging of parenteral content.

The components are first particulate cleaned and depyrogenated. After these processes are complete the components are steam sterilization (autoclave).