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Cleaning and Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment to Reduce Surface Binding, Maximize Content Extraction and Assure Content Integrity

We understand that pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and contract organizations commonly use Type I borosilicate glass vials to package parenteral content. Furthermore, we know that Type I glass packaging contains certain modifiers on the surface that can be a source of extractables which can have a negative impact on packaged content. Specifically, the extractables can cause structural instability and delamination when in contact with certain substances. In certain cases — charged-state chemistry solutions, emulsions, suspensions for pharmaceuticals, and biologicals with higher viscosity (stickiness) than traditional drugs — there is a need to isolate the final filled solution from the glass substrate to improve extraction and aid in the restitution rate of such highly valuable and costly therapeutic products. Recognizing the need for barrier protection, DWK Life Sciences offers surface and cleaning treatments to reduce surface binding, maximize content extraction, and assure content integrity. In addition, these physical barriers between your content and the glass substrate nearly eliminate sample-glass interactions and allow for complete removal of your valuable product from the container.


  • Ready-to-Use Solutions: Surface treatment options are designed to improve your workflow.
  • Improved Recovery: Barrier protection designed to reduce surface binding and maximize content extraction.
  • Enhanced Performance: Ensures higher restitution rate down to the last drop.
  • Content Protection: Minimizes the interactions between the product and container to protect against alkalization and reduces the potential for delamination.
  • Broad Application: Ideally suited for charged-state chemistry solutions, emulsions, suspensions for pharmaceuticals, and the inherent characteristics of biologicals having higher viscosity.