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Particulate Cleaning

Dependably Meet Allowable Limits With Proven Cleaning Services

DWK Life Sciences offers reliable cleaning services for primary packaging components and labware. We start with USP and WFI purified water and HEPA filtering, and finish by packaging cleaned components in certified class 100/10 cleanrooms. Whether you choose ready-to-use sterilized components, you can trust that they’ve been cleaned to meet the allowable particulate limits according to USP <788> and then validated and shipped with traceability documentation and certifications. If your packaged content is intended to be injected, implanted, or used externally, we can deliver components cleaned to your specific Total Organic Carbon (TOC) requirements. For select parenteral content, we recommend that vials undergo a pre-wash using IPA or HCL to remove any unbound salts on the interior surface.


  • Particulate Cleaning: Components are ready-to-sterilize or ready-to-use to improve workflow.
  • Perfect Preparation: Cleaning with USP purified water or Water for Injection (WFI) — it’s your choice.
  • Quality Assurance and Traceability: All products come with full documentation and certification to give you peace of mind.
  • Custom Cleaning Options: We offer particulate cleaning, cleaning with WFI rinse, cleaning to specific TOC level, IPA Wash, and HCL Wash.
  • Flexible Solutions: Small to large volume processing of glass and plastic primary packaging components, closures, stoppers, and seals.
  • Operational Efficiency: Eliminate internal processing and validation steps to reduce cost and improve workflows.