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Barcoding & Labeling

For your convenience, DWK Life Sciences can customize pre-labeled, ready-to-use primary packaging to meet your specific application, workflow, and inventory management needs. Our direct mark, adhesive, and ceramic labeling solutions streamline your process while improving traceability and simplifying data identification. These ready-to-use pre-labeled solutions eliminate the cost, space, and on-going maintenance of on-site packaging operations.

Available formats include barcoding, human-readable text or numbers, and color-coded static, variable, and serialized data with code 128, 39, (2D), Datamatrix (2D), or QR symbols or other codes you may require. Customization options include tare-weighing, pre-sorting, sequencing, and numbered outer packing to accelerate testing and evaluation and assure chain-of-custody traceability. If you’re unsure of the best labeling option for your specific application, our experts can review your production and storage requirements and recommend label attributes that maximize data management. You have the choice of three barcode identification solutions, making it easy to specify the right ID method based on your application, container type and budget.


  • Pressure Sensitive: Traditional labels, engineered to withstand a variety of chemicals and environments, are offered in mono or multicolor, partial and full print to meet nearly all of your plastic and glass labeling applications.
  • Direct Mark Advantage: This superior process eliminates the use of adhesives through specialized inks and an innovative curing process making it the ideal choice for tare-weighed plastic and glass products.
  • Ensured Durability: Our ceramic labels are fired onto the glass container — the perfect choice for extreme temperature and harsh chemical exposure storage applications, as well as the best accuracy tare, weigh applications.
  • Streamlines Workflow: For tare-weighed containers, our pre-weigh solutions improve workflow, reduce prep time, and assure weight accuracy. Accurately placed barcodes also ensure reliable reading of barcodes in automation.
  • Improved Accountability: By labeling critical labware elements and packaged content, you’ll improve traceability and tracking.
  • Reduces Workforce Demands: Pre-labeled packaging eliminates manual handling and can typically recoup approximately 30 minutes/day.
  • Better User Experience: Improves end user experience, eliminates labeling fatigue and challenges associated with affixing small labels.
  • Easy ID: Corroborates visual identification through color elements and ready to use packages.
  • Saves Time: Eliminates time losses associated with manual label printing defects including wrinkling and data misalignment.