SOCOREX® ACURA® Manual Pipette, 826 XS, 0.1 - 2 µL, 0.1 - 2µL

  • The Acura® manual fits everybody’s hand with or without glove. Ergonomic shape, light weight and soft plunger travel care for better comfort.
  • Ergonomically positioned, the large surface, soft padded ejector provides for low-pressure activation.
  • Ejector shaft height adjustment system called Justip™ allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle.
  • Easy disassembling for thorough cleaning. Sterilization achieved by autoclaving instrument fully assembled (121°C / 250°F).
  • Swift-set user calibration system - with integrated key and locking mechanism - makes tedious procedures a thing of the past. Easy and precise, it is in full compliance with international standards and recommendations.
  • Though easily removed when needed, the switch protection seal is autoclaving resistant
  • W810304 and W810304A must be used with a 200µL pipette tip
  • Performance values obtained with double-distilled water at constant temperature (± 0.5°C) comprised between 20°C and 25°C in accordance with ISO 8655.
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