Sample Vials
  • Our sample vials are made from Type I borosilicate glass tubing for chemical and thermal shock resistance.
  • Sample vials are available with caps attached to help maintain cleanliness or with sample vials and caps packaged separately for reduced cost.
  • 14B rubber-lined black phenolic screw caps for aqueous samples and PTFE-faced 14B rubber-lined black phenolic screw caps for organic samples.
  • Replacement caps can be purchased separately.
  • Vials and caps are autoclavable for easy sterilization.

Sample Vials FAQs

Sample Vials

Frequently Asked Questions

A sample vial is a small container used to hold liquid, powder, or solid samples for analysis, storage, or transport.

Sample vials are used in laboratories for storing samples, preparing specimens for analysis, and transporting small quantities of substances safely.

Sample vials are typically smaller, often have screw caps, and are used for storage and transport, while test tubes are open-ended, cylindrical, and used primarily for experiments and reactions.

Different types of vials include glass vials for chemical resistance, plastic vials for durability, and specialty vials for specific applications like chromatography or biological samples.