Sterile Glass Vials

DWK is the manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical glass vials and glass sample vials serving the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotech markets. Sterile vials for injection are formed from the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade tubing conforming to USP <660> / EP3.2.1 / JP <7.01> standards for injectable packaging and the safe storage and delivery of drug content.

  • Small minimum order requirements
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Global presence to secure your supply chain
  • Custom cleaning, depyrogenation, sterilization, surface treatments available

Types of Glass Vials

Stevanato Group EZ-fill® Platform

  • Clean, depyrogenated, and sterilized ready-to-use (RTU) vials designed for pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing entities performing small to large batch aseptic parenteral packaging.

Serum Vials

  • Clear and amber Type I tubular glass vials meet the Glass Containers for Injection standards and are designed for the short and long term storage of parenteral, lyophilized, and vaccine content. Our sterile vials for injection include ISO 8362, custom dimensions, blowback, surface treatments, and RTU formats.

High Recovery Vials

  • Clear and amber Type I threaded and crimp finish glass vials designed for maximum retrieval of high value biologic, volatile solvent, corrosive chemical and sensitive content. Available in RTU sterile glass vial formats.

Diagnostic Screw Threaded Vials

  • Clear and amber Type I threaded glass vials with freeze dried bases suitable for lyophilization applications and the packaging of diagnostic assays and reagents. Available in RTU sterile glass vial formats.

Roll-neck Vials

  • Type I Borosilicate Clear & Amber and Soda Type III glass vials suitable for use with Snap Caps, Tamper Proof Closures, and Nasal Spray Pump Systems.

Customization Capabilities


Particulate Cleaning

RTS components meeting USP<788>/EP2.9.19

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RTS components meeting USP<85>/EP2.6.1

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RTU components meeting USP<71>/EP2.6.14

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Surface Treatment

Glass surface deactivation and protective barrier

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  • Attribute: Serum & Lyophilization
  • Attribute: Coated & Uncoated
  • Attribute: Meets USP & EP standards for sterile vials for injection

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  • Flip Off, Tear Off, Tear Out
  • Multiple color options
  • Available in RTU formats.

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  • Suitable for lyophilization
  • For piercing applications
  • Eliminates the need for crimping
  • Attribute: 22-400 Screw Thread
  • Attribute: Phenolic, PP, Urea
  • Attribute: Linerless, Foil, PE, PTFE, Pulp, and LDPE liners

RayDyLyo Snap Caps

  • Attribute: Pre-assembled with serum & Lyophilization stoppers
  • Attribute: Sterile one-step capping
  • Attribute: RTU Nest or Ported Bag

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  • Conform to USP, EP, & JP parenteral packaging standards.
  • Includes vials, stoppers, seals, and snap caps
  • Ships with certificate of analysis

Other Vial Solutions


Clear and amber Type I USP <660> molded glass vials designed for the short and long term storage of parenteral, lyophilized, and vaccine content. Available in RTU sterile glass vial formats.


Plastic bulk pack vials ideally suited for diagnostic assay control and reagent packaging applications. 20-400 screw thread I-Loc closure sold separately.


Durable plastic vials for non-parenteral, general containment of diluents (PP) and animal health and non-medical content (HDPE) including cosmetic and skin care.

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