WHEATON® CELSTIR® Replacement Magna-Flex™ Impeller, for 6000 mL Celstir® Spinner Flask

  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • The CELSTIR® Spinner Flask features an adjustable paddle blade impeller for better mixing.
  • For suspension cell culture with a magnetic stirrer
  • Adjustable paddle impeller and sterile design as stirrer shaft does not protrude through cap
  • 1:1 headspace ratio for ideal gas exchange
  • Bottom dimple improves circulation and reduces the accumulation of cells in the center of the flask (dimple on 125mL and larger flasks)
  • The entire unit may be autoclaved at 121°C
  • Jacketed Flasks allows a precise temperature control (hose connection for 0.25", 6.35mm ID tubing)
  • Magna-Flex™ impellers are bulb shaped providing a gentle stirring
$205.72 USD/Case of 1

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