WHEATON® ABC VIALS™ Convenience Pack, Clear, White PTFE / Red Silicone, Red

  • Converted from Type I borosilicate glass tubing
  • Vials are packaged in a recyclable PETE clamshell case to help prevent particulate contamination
  • 12 x 32mm screw top vial with 9mm ABC screw cap convenience kits
  • ABC Screw Caps are available in six colors
  • Packed in a case of 100
$71.53 USD/Case of 100
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Liner Material White PTFE / Red Silicone
Capacity (mL) 1.8
Diameter (mm) 12
Closure Color RED
Vial Color Clear
Height (mm) 32
Quantity 100
Cap Cat. No. W225330-0103
Vial Cat. No. W225150
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