KIMBLE® ValueWare® Petri Dish, 100 x 10 mm

  • KIMAX® dishes have reinforced beaded edges to resist mechanical breakage and to help in centering the bottom inside the cover
  • Dishes remain clear after repeated use in wet or dry sterilization cycles
  • Covers have a fused-on bright red ceramic enamel marking spot and inscription, including “Cover”
  • Bottoms have a white ceramic enamel inscription, including “Bottom”
  • Combination of different colors and wording permits quick and easy identification of the parts when sorting, selecting and assembling pairs
  • Bottoms also have a vertical arrow on the side to precisely locate serial dilution starting points
  • Made from KIMAX® borosilicate 33 glass
  • Designed from Federal Specification NNN-D-1478
$269.78 USD/Case of 36
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