WHEATON® Trypsinizing Flask With Pourout, 1000 mL

  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • For forming cell suspensions through trypsin digestion of connective proteins
  • Fluted design improves homogenization
  • Autoclavable with screw cap and pour out for easy decanting
  • A dam below the sidearm retains untrypsinized tissue when decanting
  • A deep skirted screw cap on the sidearm prevents contamination of flask contents
  • 20-415 sidearm cap and top cap have white styrene butadiene rubber liner
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Graduated No
Capacity (mL) 700
Flask Capacity (mL) 1000
Side Arm Thread 20-415
Closure Size 51-400
Autoclavable Yes
Quantity 1
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