WHEATON® Glass Dropper Assembly, Green Cap, White Bulb, 4.5 mL

  • Manufactured from 5.1 expansion clear tubular borosilicate glass.
  • WHEATON® glass dropper bottles are manufactured from tubular glass and used alongside WHEATON dropper assemblies, are the perfect primary packaging solution for a range of diagnostic, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.
  • Used with our WHEATON® dropper assemblies, key applications in the diagnostic sector include primary packaging for blood grouping reagents and rare grouping sera.
  • Glass dropper bottles are an advantage for several in vitro diagnostic applications where false positives from plastic bottles may be a concern.
  • The dropper bottles are available in 3ml, 4.5ml, 7ml and 10ml sizes with dropper assemblies to suit.
  • WHEATON® dropper assemblies available to purchase seperately are manufactured with a controlled drop size for consistency in dispensing, pharmaceutical grade rubber bulbs, and a choice of coloured caps to help differentiate products in kits.
  • The dropper bottles are available to purchase either as trays of vials packed in a case, or trays of vials shrink wrapped onto a pallet when larger quantites are required.
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