WHEATON® Glass Coliwasa Sampler, Reusable Unit, Unscored

  • Used to collect composite liquid samples from top to bottom in drums, tanks and reservoirs
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable or reusable units available
  • Liquid-tight PTFE seal eliminates sample leakage
  • PTFE seal design permits sampling to within 1/2” of drum bottom
  • After a sample has been collected, lower and press lightly on the inner tube, which positively seats the PTFE seal, locking the sample column into place
  • Unit has a tapered bottom with an approximate diameter opening of 1/2”, (1.3cm) and a sample capacity of 200mL
  • Prescored samplers make disposal easier
  • Dimensions: Diameter 7/8” x Length 42”, (2.25cm x 106.5cm)

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