WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK Sterile Components Vials, Clear

  • Sterilized, off-the-shelf, ready-to-use (RtU) products
  • Variety of Kitted and stand-alone sterile components — a solution for any application
  • Complete manufacturing & certificate of analysis traceability
  • USP <788>/EP 2.9.19 Particulate Matter in Injections, USP <85>/EP 2.6.1, The Bacterial Endotoxins Test and USP <71>/ EP 2.6.14 The Sterility Test, USP <660>/EP 3.2.1 Glass Containers for Pharmaceutical Use, and USP <381>/EP 3.2.9 Elastomeric Closures used in Parenteral Preparations
  • CompletePAK Amber for light sensitive content packaging
  • Ready-to-Use, Just-in-Time, minimum 3 month shelf life from time of shipment


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