Shiki: Watcher of the water

Clean air, clean landscapes and above all clean water are very important to Shiki Oe. The 30-year-old works in Tokyo for the Japanese company Sibata Scientific Technology, which manufactures, among other things, measuring devices for the scientific analysis of environmental influences, including dust monitors and water quality measurement instruments.

"I want more people to understand the need to keep the environment clean," says Shiki. For her, there is no question that precise measurements are crucial for protecting people from harmful environmental influences. "Our environmental measuring devices help, for example, to protect factory workers or visitors in a shopping center from threatening environmental influences."

Sibata also uses its technological expertise to take action for the environment. To this end, the company has launched an internal water monitoring project in Tokyo. Under Shiki's supervision, the company's experts are monitoring the water quality of a river, a lake and a pond within the city area.


Once a month Shiki and her colleagues take water samples and analyse them in the laboratory to monitor the cleanliness of the water. "As a company, we want to contribute to global environmental protection not only through our measuring instruments, but also by taking responsibility for nature in our immediate surroundings," explains Shiki.

For the regular water measurements Shiki and her colleagues use the YOUTILITY bottles from DWK Life Sciences. And with good reason: "If you take samples at water points, your hands can get wet. That entails a risk that the bottles could slip and fall off," says Shiki. "But thanks to the user-friendliness of the YOUTILITY bottles, we don't have to worry about that."