PYREX® Bottle, media, GL 56, dual position 500 mL

  • Bottle complete with GL 56 polypropylene screw cap
  • Manufactured from PYREX® borosilicate glass with proven temperature and chemical resistance qualities
  • The wide mouth and 45 ° angled base of the bottle allows much easier pipetting and minimises the risk of contamination
  • Low squat design allows for easy use in the confined space of a biosafety cabinet
  • Space saving bottle shape is perfect for storage in a fridge or warming media in a water bath
  • Bottle is graduated to 500 ml in the vertical position and 400 ml in 45 ° angle position
  • Printed with Trace Code for downloadable batch certificate
  • White enamel graduations and marking spot are printed on both sides of the bottle for the convenience of both left and right-handed users
  • Autoclavable
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