DWK steps up to the plate with the new DURAN® holder

DWK steps up to the plate with the new DURAN® holder

DWK Life Sciences has launched new holder designed to ensure the effective use of DURAN® laboratory bottles in automated systems.

Liquid handling robots and pipetting systems are commonly used in the automation of chemical or biochemical laboratories. The systems automate a diverse range of the workflows used in drug discovery, genomics, proteomics and cell biology research. The containers used in the systems include microplates, tube racks and reservoirs.

The new DURAN® microplate holder allows the small 10 or 25 mL GL 25 bottles to be used on the decks of most liquid handing robots. These smaller bottles may be used in stability testing of new drug substances as analogues for the larger DURAN® bottles. The small screw topped DURAN® bottles are a robust, thicker-walled alternative to vials made from glass tubing.

Made of aluminium with a high thermal conductivity, the microplate holders can be used with microplate heating or cooling systems. They are also robust and reusable, ensuring a long service life. This helps to reduce costs and protects the environment.

The microplate holders meet the footprint dimensions in the ANSI/SLAS standards and are compatible with liquid handling robotic workstations and automated pipetting systems from all the major manufacturers.

Alistair Rees a Product manager at DWK Life Sciences, said: “Laboratories are increasingly looking to use automation to improve their workflows and complete projects more efficiently.

“Our new microplate holder is designed to ensure users can benefit from new technologly while also remaining able to use hidden heroes of the lab such as our popular DURAN® Original GL 25 bottle range, to drive their research.”


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