A Turn for the Better: New Aluminium “Plastic-free” Closures for DURAN® Lab Bottles

A Turn for the Better: New Aluminium “Plastic-free” Closures for DURAN® Lab Bottles

DWK Life Sciences now offers DURAN® GL 45 caps made of aluminium as an alternative to the usual plastics that are used with laboratory bottles.

Two versions are available; a GL 45 cap with liner, and an open topped GL 45 cap for use with a septum. The aluminium caps perfectly fit the full range of DURAN® GL 45 bottle capacities from 100 ml to 20 Litres. Aluminium offers superior barrier qualities that protect against light, moisture, oxygen, and other gases. These excellent barrier properties has meant that aluminium has had a long history of safe usage in food and pharmaceutical packaging. In the U.S. FDA has determined aluminium to be GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Many scientists around the world studying microplastic formation and dispersal rely on DURAN® glass laboratory bottles in their research. Alistair Rees, Product Manager commented: “The new aluminium lab bottle caps from DWK reduce the risk of false positives, as they are free of hydrocarbon-based plastics”.

Using metals in closures offers other benefits such as a wide range of temperature tolerances and a high mechanical strength. The high temperature resistance means that aluminium caps will withstand both thermal depyrogensation and hot air sterilization. At the other end of the temperature scale, their excellent low-temperature stability makes them suitable for cryogenic applications.

DURAN® Aluminium Screw Closure open topped with DURAN® Over-cap 45 mm, Black Phenolic


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