WHEATON® Saftey Coated Hybridization Bottle, 35 mm, 100 mm

  • Ideal for nucleic acid and protein blotting procedures that require a minimum of probe solution
  • Strong, slip-resistant plastisol coating to reduce potential breakage and exposure to hazardous materials
  • Designed to fit most hybridization ovens and membranes
  • Bottles, seals and caps resistant to hybridization reagents
  • Heavy 3.2mm sidewall construction for added safety
  • Borosilicate glass conforms to USP Type I requirements
  • Eliminate the need for messy bags and allow hybridization and wash solutions to be quickly poured in and out
  • The 35 mm ID bottle caps are 45 mm Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) with PTFE / silicone liners. The 70 mm ID bottle caps are 70-400 Polypropylene with PTFE / silicone liners.
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Product Overview
Product Overview
Safety coated, screw topped glass hybridization bottle for nucleic acid and protein blotting procedures


Wall Thickness s (mm) 3.2
ID (mm) 35
Length (mm) 100
Closure Size 45 mm
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