Vials & Microplates

Vials and Microplates

Frequently Asked Questions

If they’re glass, then yes. However, certain GC autosamplers use grippers that must function properly with the vial. The MicroLiter 76-Series TM has been engineered to align all GC autosamplers as well as HPLC and LCMS autosamplers. Additionally, confirm that your HPLC septa are compatible with your GC solvents and application. You can standardize your vial, but you may require different septa for HPLC vs. GC.

Typically serum finish vials with a crimp top deliver the best defense. To avoid under and over-torque with screw thread vials, a properly adjusted hand or automatic crimper largely eliminates this issue. Depending on the evaporation characteristics of the compound(s), solvent, storage conditions, duration of storage, and method requirements, screw cap vials may sufficiently perform well; however, if any evaporation could impact results then we recommend that you default to crimp top vials.

The polymer spring’s primary function is to provide upwards pressure against the septa to ensure minimal sample evaporation or loss into the vial cavity. It will not offer any protection from the needle bend.

We do not recommend storage directly in contact with the liquid phase, only in the gas phase.

Yes to both questions — we’re happy to customize your order and your packaging. DWK Life Sciences offers custom containers and custom packaging, bar coding, critical cleaning, surface treatment, and pre-weighed containers.

Our key reason for not having skirted round bottom options is due to the high recovery design of our freestanding cryovials. Compared to many vials on the market, our freestanding vials do not have a true, deep conical bottom. Instead, the vials have a shallow V-shaped bottom, which allows samples to be spun at low speeds if necessary while providing a better ability for complete sample recovery. We have found that the available round bottom vials with a skirted bottom do not provide a stable free-standing vial.

651490 => 12.5 mm diameter x 38 mm tall. 
651492 => 12.5 mm diameter x 50 mm tall.

CryoFile® => 12.5 mm diameter x 50 mm tall. 
CryoFile® XL => 12.5 mm diameter x 95 mm tall.