KIMBLE® ULTRA-WARE®Four Valve Filtration and Delivery Caps, THF Resistant

  • Standard - 953981-0047 Cap will fit any reservoir or bottle with a GL 45 thread
  • Patent No. 5,397,467.
  • This cap combines the mobile phase filtration, sparging/degassing, storage and delivery functions
  • All tubing connections are made in the back of the cap, reducing the typical clutter of tubing at the reservoirs
  • An integral check valve in the sparge port prevents the mobile phase from backing up into the gas lines
  • A pressure release valve prevents the reservoir from being accidentally over-pressurized
  • The 1/4"-28 fitting connections allow easy connection to any HPLC pump system
  • Cap body is manufactured from glass-filled PTFE
  • THF-Resistant - 953981-6347
  • Patent No. 5,397,467
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