KIMBLE® Micro-Hematocrit Capillary Tube, Non-Heparinized, 1.1 x 75 mm, case of 1200

  • Manufactured from soda-lime glass
  • Packed in plastic vials with reclosable snap-lock caps to maintain cleanliness
  • Ends may be sealed by flame or sealing clay
  • Heparinized (Red Coded) capillary tubes are designed to prevent blood clotting
  • Ammonium heparin does not interfere with sodium identification
  • 44B508 and 44A509 are bulk quantities
  • Tubes are manufactured from 90 expansion soda lime glass conforming to USP Type III requirements
  • Available in borosilicate glass as a special order
$75.73 USD/Pack of 1200
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Product Overview
Product Overview
DWK micro-hematocrit tubes are used to measure the volume percentage of red blood cells in blood. Heparinized tubes are red coded, and non-heparinized are blue coded.


Quantity 1200
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